Arch Cape Workshop
Oregon, USA
Jan 10-13, 2020

Level up your life & business

a 2-Day Wedding Business workshop

Let's do this.

Only 11 spots left!

$2000  - Business Workshop
$1750  - Early Bird Rate (First 5 people only)
+ $200 - Optional Portfolio Building on 3rd day

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With optional 3rd day for portfolio building

Kyle Goldie

photographer, coach, educator

I'm the guy behind the Book More Weddings System, the 10-chapter online coaching program that teaches you the A-Z of building a successful wedding business. Everything from mindset, driving in your ideal clients, building a super high-converting website, attracting more of your ideal clients on autopilot with FREE organic leads, increasing your conversion rates with those inquiries, getting rid of those pesky price shoppers - and ultimately, making more money while working fewer hours.

Yep, a lot. And this workshop is basically that online coaching program in a jam-packed two days - all with extra support, extra accountability, extra clarity, and an extra awesome time with like-minded creative pros.

I've been a full-time photographer over 10 years (now in my 30’s), and I've developed a distinguished, recognizable style. Early in my career, I made a name for myself in the lifestyle & fashion photography industry in Los Angeles, practicing my craft with creative use of light, color, movement, and post-processing. My photographs have been published in many of the world’s leading publications – such as Conde Nast Traveler, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Brides, and Esquire, to name a few. My commercial clients include Coach, Adidas, Amazon, Samsung, and dozens of independent designers around the world. Additionally, my imagery has also been the focus of many high-end art installations within the travel & hospitality industries inside companies like the Hyatt, St. Regis, Hilton, Ethan Allen, Waldorf Astoria, and more. In the wedding industry, I've been featured by dozens of publications, photograph 40+ weddings/year, and work under 20 hours a week to maintain a healthy six-figure business - all without IPS. Boy... it's been a wild ride!!!

I'm Kyle!

Who's the Business Workshop For?

All wedding pros at all levels! I will be covering the basics all the way through the advanced stuff. You know, the stuff that gets you results.

This workshop is designed for those who are looking to improve in one area or many. And I limited it to a max of 12 people on purpose. I did that because I want to give each participant 1:1 unique attention to your unique business, your unique ideal client, your unique strategy. No more huge conferences where the strategies you listen to might not apply to YOUR business. Walk away from this workshop with what you need and get your questions answered. (And way more).

The goal for this workshop is to help get you the clarity of strategy that you need in your business to have success. Plain and pure. Results.

Due to the intimate nature of the workshop, you will have the unique capability to ask me (and the others attending) direct questions about how to get you from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want your wedding business to be).

This isn't your average workshop. It's going to be AWESOME.

If you want to attend a wedding business workshop with zero fluff and ALL strategy where you can get 1:1 attention (with an awesome group of people), this is for you.

January 10, 2020
7:00pm | Welcome dinner and meet & greet at the beach house in Arch Cape, Oregon

January 11, 2020
9:00am | Pass out goal worksheet, intros, setting expectations for the workshop, passing out timeline of events for workshop 
9:15am | Learn exactly how I now work less than 10 hours a week in my wedding business - and how you can, too.
9:30am | Goal setting strategies that work. Crafting your perfect ideal client avatar. Time management.
9:45am | Branding & perceived value
10:00 | Website design & building a client funnel & pricing strategies - including real-time mini website audits (with permission)
11:00am | Client communication, automation, and systemizing your wedding business to save time and money. Learn how to book more clients via email.
11:30am | Open Table for Q&A 
12noon-2:00pm | Lunch & Free Explore
2:00pm | Open for Q&A and group mastermind
2:30pm | Advertising & marketing 
3:00pm | Open chat about the destination wedding market 
3:30pm | Social media strategies, building your know, like, and trust factor. 
4:00pm | Group heads outside (weather permitting) for your branding headshots.
4:47pm | Sunset 
5:00pm | Done, free explore, relax, hang out - or continue chatting biz with each other!

January 12, 2020 
9:00am | Open for Q&A (discussion highly encouraged for additional value & uniquely tailored support)
9:30am | Round table website & individual social media reviews (Part 1)
10:00am | Importance of Content Curation and how/what to choose
10:15am | SEO & Blogging - Let's do an SEO audit to make sure you're good to go.
11:00am | Creative conversion-based copywriting (hands-on lesson with group support and feedback)
12noon-2:00pm: | Break for lunch / free explore
2:00pm | Social media audits (yep, that includes yours) (Part 2)
3:00pm | Website audits (yep, that includes yours) (Part 2)
4:00pm | Mastermind round table Q&A
5:00pm | End of official business workshop. You're done and free to explore, relax, hang out - or continue chatting biz with each other!

Everyone who did not buy a spot for the optional 3rd day is now free to leave and explore the Oregon coast freely. Thank you for attending and safe travels!

January 13, 2020 (optional portfolio building for $200)
9:30am-10:15am | Group 1 with Haley & Kyle
10:15am-11:00am | Group 2 with Haley & Kyle
11:00am-11:45am | Group 3 with Haley & Kyle

Workshop Calendar

Q: What are the payment options?
A: Pay in full for $2000 do 50% at the time of booking, and 50% due 30 days prior to the workshop (December 10, 2019). Payments can be made via credit/debit card or ACH deposit.

Q: How many people can attend? I want personalized attention.
A: I am only accepting 12 participants to this workshop. I want to give each person my 1:1 attention, and have portions of the workshop small enough where the group itself acts as a mastermind so that everybody can get even more value.

Q: Will there be a styled shoot? I want to make sure I get some epic content for my portfolio!
A: There will be an optional opportunity for you on the 3rd day (January 13th) to shoot for your portfolio. The date & time might change depending on the weather forecast. Haley and myself will be the subjects/models in wedding attire. But don't worry - we've done this many times before all around the world. ;) Haley was even a professional model who did many projects with GUESS®.

Q: What's included in the total cost?
A: The 2-day workshop. You are responsible for your flights, hotels, car rentals, food, drinks, and all other costs. LUNCHES, light snacks, and drinks will be provided. Of course, you are more than welcome to still bring your own if you would like.

Q: Will I have time to explore outside of the workshop?
A: Definitely. You have the time prior to the workshop beginning each day, 2 hours of free time mid-day during lunch, and the workshop is over by 5pm (roughly) each day.

Q: Where is the workshop being held?
A: It is held in a luxury beach cottage right on the waterfront in Arch Cape, Oregon. Arch Cape is only an hour and a half drive from Portland, Oregon. And the drive itself is quite beautiful.

Q: Can I bring my significant other?
A: Yes, you can (of course) bring your significant other. We just ask that they do not sit in the classroom workshop. We want everybody focused. If your significant other is part of your business, please email me privately since we are limited on space.

Q: What should I bring? How should I prepare?
A: After you sign up, I will be sending you a full guide that answers all your questions for the more nitty-gritty stuff.

Q: How can I ensure I get the best results possible from this workshop? 
A: Listen, take action, and ASK QUESTIONS during the workshop. We are all here to help.

Q: I have more questions. Where do I ask those?
A: Feel free to email me (Kyle) anytime. I am here to help. To simplify your life, you can always just use the contact form right on my website. And when you enroll, there will be a private Facebook group for the 12 participants to ask all the Q&A and get pumped up together. :) 

Q: How can I lock in my spot?
A: Simply email me directly at From there, let me know if you want to do the one-time payment or the split (two) payments. I will then send you a quote and agreement for you to sign and send in your payment. Easy, peasy. And when you sign the agreement and send in your retainer -- that spot is ALL YOURS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most workshops and conferences will have you there for a certain period of time, your note pad might be full (and it might not)...

... but at THIS workshop...

... you will not only walk away with your notepad full, you will also walk away with high-priority things DONE and checked off your list.

Things meant to optimize your social media sales funnels.

Things meant to increase your productivity each week.

Things meant to increase your conversion rate on your website.

Things meant to increase your conversion rate of your SALES.

You are going to get TWO FULL DAYS of personalized attention inside of YOUR business.

My hourly coaching is $600 per hour for 1:1 work.

You are going to be getting (roughly) 12 HOURS of hands-on coaching during this business workshop in a group setting. 

THAT'S A $7,200 VALUE!

This isn't just another workshop.

Let me prove it to you by grabbing one of the 12 spots available.

Don't just learn. GET STUFF DONE.

The Backyard

Optional Rooms/Beds Available

The Lighthouse Suite
Up to 4 nights Stay
($500 Total)

First-Come, First-Served

Caribbean Suite
Up to 4 nights Stay
$400 (Total)

Lummi Room
Up to 4 nights Stay
$300 (Total)

Up to 4 nights Stay
$100 per bed (Total)

Hotels Are Also Available Nearby

& They are already getting booked up!

TIP: Staying at the workshop property might save you some money (and give you the most value by being around the group), but you are more than welcome to stay where you are most comfortable.

(Optional & additional)

1 Available

1 Available

1 available

3 available

My Promise

I promise to do my best to make this the most epic & amazingly productive workshop you have ever been to. I vow to focus in on the results you're wanting.


Once you grab your spot, you will receive exclusive access to the Arch Cape members-only Facebook® group for workshop Q&A (and to get excited together!)

The Payment Details

Pay in Full or do 50/50.
Whatever is easiest for you.

Guess what - I want to sweeten the value of this biz workshop.

You're going to get a FREE ONE-HOUR 1:1 COACHING CALL with me when you reserve your spot! This must be claimed PRIOR TO the workshop.

That's ANOTHER $600 value - FREE!

Pay in full for $2000, or do 50% retainer now, 50% due 30 days prior to the workshop.


And if you are one of the first 5 to grab a spot by signing an agreement and sending in your retainer...

... you are going to get a $250 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

That makes it only $1750 if you are an early bird!

(To put that in perspective, how much do you earn from even a SINGLE wedding that you book?)

The Value

Two Days of In-Person Business Workshop - $7,200

+ Mastermind with other participants - PRICELESS

+ Free 1:1 Coaching Call - $600

+ FREE Mini Session Headshots with Kyle Goldie - $400

Total Value: $8,200

EARLY BIRD PRICE: ONLY $1750 (First 5 Only)

Remember, you have a 50/50 payment plan option!

There's Only 12 Seats!

Grab your spot at the Arch Cape workshop before they're gone!

Arch Cape Workshop
Oregon, USA
Jan 10-13, 2020

Level up your life & business

a 2-Day Wedding Business workshop

Let's do this.

Only 11 Spots Left!

$2000  - Business Workshop
$1750  - Early Bird Rate (First 5 people only)
+ $200 - Optional Portfolio Building on 3rd day

With optional 3rd day for portfolio building

EMail me to Reserve Your Spot!