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Learn how I built my $100,000+ business step-by-step.

Level up your life & business

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And in addition to that, I'll show you exactly how I did that while working only 5 hours a week (outside of time spent with clients)

The most robust A-to-Z blueprint for photographers & wedding pros (of all types) looking to build a wildly successful business without using ads... - and without the fluff.

Level up your life & business

The creative business mastermind

A Photo & Wedding Business-in-a-box online program


The most robust A-to-Z blueprint for photographers & wedding pros (of all types) looking to level up their business organically (without paid ads) -
without the fluff.

Level up your life & business

& learn how this course is different. 

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Only $495 for every step.
OR $995 with support

The Elevate Business Course

The online Business program you've been looking for

My photo & wedding business mastermind, "Elevate" is my A-Z system that I have built, tested, and gotten results from year-after-year (since 2009, to be exact). Each chapter within the program goes over key areas of building in the order of what it should be done. And all of the lessons & strategies are released all at once, so once you enroll, you can take it at your own speed. And the huge value beyond the lessons themselves - you get access to the mastermind community & group Q&A coaching calls for support as long as you're a member.

This course is right for you if:
• You want more quality, qualified leads AND bookings in your business
• You want more motivation and to improve your mindset
• You want to increase your profits ... while working fewer hours
• You want an online program that gives you incredible support
• You are ready to listen & apply everything in the program
• You are serious about taking action and taking control of your business.
• You want more freedom.

It's not right for you if:
• You expect overnight success (that doesn't exist)
• You create excuses why you can't do something
• You specifically just want to learn IPS. (There are other things that you can benefit from outside of that one specific sales strategy, don't worry)
• You aren't an action taker
• You have trouble keeping yourself accountable (sign up for my VIP or Elite 1:1 instead)

I'm Kyle!

Results. That's the entire goal of creating this membership, and the program itself is in a step-by-step course format that gives you instant access to everything. 

So, no matter what stage you are in inside of your business right now, you can hop around and get started with the lessons that can help you level up. You just need to take action. Here's a snapshot of just some of what you'll learn inside...

What's Inside The Course?

Everything I know on building a six-figure photo & wedding business organically.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Organic Marketing

Paid Advertising





Conversion Copywriting

Blogging for Sales


high-converting Website Design

Time Management

social media for sales

 & so much More


And when you choose that option, it becomes more than "just a course."

With that option, you will get the course PLUS the mastermind student group.

The course itself has A-Z lessons and strategies that cut straight to the point and eliminate all the fluff that doesn't get you the transformation in your business (and your lifestyle behind it) that you're looking for.

And with the student community, you get the opportunity to DIVE DEEP with your business questions with your unique goals with an audience who is going through the exact same content as you are.

And you will also have access to ALL the existing group Q&A coaching calls, too! This by itself is worth more than the cost of the membership.

And there's an Optional Members-Only FB Community for Mastermind Support!

This is where the mastermind part comes into play. 

Planners & Coordinators






If you want to book more of your ideal wedding clients, this is for you.

Who's The Elevate Mastermind For?

This community started out just for photographers, then it evolved. It elevated. Why? Because I realized that the same exact information can help out a larger audience make more money, work fewer hours, and improve their lifestyle. And then that thought was proven through all the case studies from different students over the years.  Proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Photographers & wedding pros of all types! yep, that means you!

Wedding Pros (Of All Types)



If you want to book more of your ideal Photography clients, this is for you.

 Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Launching, Growing, Systemizing - No Matter What Stage of Business You're In... this can help.

It's a curated A-to-Z system that full of the needle-moving intel you really, truly need.

An honest, raw, dedicated approach that truly cuts through all the useless information. There's no fluff in here.

This process is the exact method I used to build my business—and it’s precisely how I coach photographers and wedding pros all over the world.

Photographers, videographers, planners, florists, caterers, you name it. This can help you. I promise.

And if you choose the monthly membership, you can cancel anytime with no commitment. Come for the content - stay for the support.


Learn how to cut your time working in half

Learn the exact steps that now allow me to work less than 10 hours a week - and keep the same amount of clients.

Chapter 1


Set goals & make them actually happen

Forget the old ways of goal setting that never work. Here, you'll learn how to set goals that actually get accomplished.



Level up your brand value & pricing

Literally overnight, learn how to get rid of price shoppers and learn how to price yourself at a rate that balances volume with profit.



Build a super high-converting website

Your website is your most important marketing tool. Here you'll learn exactly what to do on every single page of your website.



Convert more leads into bookings

Learn how to convert more of your hard-earned high-quality leads into bookings on your calendar - via email. Yep, really.



Learn dozens of ways to get found

Learn the most effective ways to advertise & market your business and learn how to leverage them to increase your authority, brand value, and client confidence.



Optimize your social media & referral sales

Learn who to network with, why, and how to strengthen those relationships authentically. Then, semi-automate your efforts wisely to increase your productivity & efficiency via social media.



Ramp up your SEO for targeted traffic

Disclaimer: I am NOT an SEO expert, but by doing these things to optimize my website, I have been able to generate over 70% of my leads on autopilot. Maybe they will be able to help you, too.



Blogging strategies for more bookings

In this chapter, we take everything you've learned and put in an actionable system for you to follow. Become an expert at these things, and your business will be solid.



Extra Bonuses & Discounts

In this final chapter, it's all about those awesome extra bonuses. After all, everything is more awesome when it's free. Tools, tips, books, guest speakers... #AllTheThings.


Ava & Patryk

Tulum, Mexico | Destination wedding

Morgan & Jon

PNW | Whidbey Island wedding

ChenHsi & Joe

Cancun, Mexico | Destination Wedding

Liz & Phil

PNW | Fremont Foundry Wedding

Michelle & Cole

PNW | Admiral's House Wedding

Kaitlyn & Anthony

PNW | woodmark hotel Wedding

Emma & Sal

PNW | Crystal Mountain Wedding


tiffany & jackson

The Ten Chapters

Here are the lessons you'll find in the Program

Learn exactly how I now work less than 10 hours a week - and how you can, too.

Learn the exact methods that allow you to work FEWER hours per week, all while you make more money.

Learn how & where to outsource, delegate, and automate your business to improve your work-life balance.

Learn how to time batch & time block your week to accomplish more than ever before.

Chapter 1

Foundation Setting
& Productivity

Learn how to set proper goals and the methods that make them actually happen.

Learn how to set goals that actually get accomplished. Hint: Ditch your annual goals.

Learn how to keep yourself accountable and on track with your daily & weekly tasks so you get more done.

Learn how to get yourself unstuck and ramp up your self-motivation so you stop getting in your own way.

Chapter 2

advanced-level goal setting,
& client funnels

Get your website on point to convert more website visitors into leads in your inbox.

Learn how to build a super high-converting website on literally every single page, step-by-step. HINT: It's more than just looking "pretty."

Learn how to craft a compelling marketing message through your copywriting.

Learn what to put in your portfolio/galleries to create more trust and more excitement in your website visitor.

Learn how to create a contact form page to that simplifies your sales communication & process.

Chapter 3

Build A High-Converting Website

Value is only a perception. And here, you're going to level up yours.

Learn how to level up your perceived brand value so that you can build more trust with your prospects.

Learn how to accurately price yourself in your market so you can maximize your income. HINT: It doesn't have to do with that standard CODB calculation.

Learn how to get rid of the majority of price shopper inquiries overnight.

Learn how to create a high-converting investment guide to improve your lead:booking conversion rate and have your clients upsell themselves on bigger things. No need for you to ever feel salesy - ever again.

Chapter 4

Brand value & Pricing strategies that convert

This is where you'll learn how to WORK LESS (and CONVERT MORE).

Learn what to automate and how to do it, step-by-step. Get the clarity of strategy that you need to improve your communication process.

Learn exactly what to say in your initial inquiry response to improve your sales conversion rate.

Get my entire email template communication bundle (34 email templates) for free. Just copy and paste.

Learn how to convert ghost inquiries into real paying clients. Yep, it's totally possible - and it's been done.

Get absolute clarity on knowing what to say at every stage of the entire client workflow from start to finish.

Learn a super high-converting follow up strategy, what to say, and when to say it to improve your sales. (Everything is about helping you make more money!)

Chapter 5

Become communication expert & increase your sales

Every email template you could need to run a successful wedding business is here.


5.5.17 Portrait Session
5.5.18 Wedding Timeline
5.5.19 Invoice Ready
5.5.20 Invoice Payment Received
5.5.21 Two Months To Go
5.5.22 Family Portraits Shot List
5.5.23 A big THANK YOU
5.5.24 Post-Wedding Questionnaire
5.5.25 Post-Wedding Questionnaire Past Due
5.5.26 Online Gallery Live
5.5.27 Get More Reviews
5.5.28 Vendor Gallery Sharing
5.5.29 Blog Submission
5.5.30 Thanking Vendors
5.5.31 Pre-Wedding Questionnaire
5.5.32 Post-Wedding Questionnaire
5.5.33 Did NOT Book
5.5.34 BONUS: Portrait Session Style Tips & Guide

Chapter 5 Email Templates

Copy. Paste. Done. It's that easy.

5.5.1 Auto Responder
5.5.2 Inquiry Response for Weddings
5.5.3 Inquiry Response for Portrait Sessions
5.5.4 Not Available
5.5.5 Not Available (Associates)
5.5.6 Lead Follow-Up #1 
5.5.7 Lead Follow-Up #2
5.5.8 Lower Than Rates
5.5.9 Same Date Inquiry
5.5.10 Quote
5.5.11 Quote Accepted
5.5.12 Contract Past Due 
5.5.13 Quote Past Due 
5.5.14 Contract Signed 
5.5.15 Pre-Wedding Questionnaire
5.5.16 Completed Questionnaire

Here, you will learn more than 40 ways to get seen by your ideal clients!

Learn over 40 FREE and paid ways to advertise and market yourself so that you are getting in front of your ideal clients - and the top 5 strategies I love the most.

Learn how to optimize your social media sales funnels on Facebook®, Instagram®, and Pinterest® to build your organic, free, high-quality leads.

Learn how to run giveaways and contests to generate leads - without offering up discounts.

Learn the basics of Facebook® & Instagram® ads in case you want to level up your paid ads and growth strategies.

Chapter 6

Advertising & Marketing Strategies to be Found & Booked

Forget the vanity metrics of social media & business networking. Let's focus on your SALES instead!

Learn how to stop playing the comparison game on Instagram® and focus on building your personal brand. This is what helps you stand out in a saturated market.

Learn how to set up your social media accounts to capture attention and generate leads on autopilot.

Learn how to build an effective content calendar that speaks to your ideal clients - with automation to boot.

Learn how to put together epic styled shoots for your portfolio - for $0.00.

Learn who to network with, where to spend your time, and what things I recommend to avoid.

Learn the tools I use in my own business that save me hours every single week and completely simplify my professional life - with exclusive discounts on a lot of them.

Chapter 7

Networking, Social Media, & referral Strategies 

Let's increase your rank on Google organically for those FREE leads!

Learn the exact strategies that have enabled me to get approximately 70% of my high-quality leads from SEO! Yep, those are all FREE leads!

Learn how to get closer to Page 1 on Google® for your key phrases that your ideal clients are searching for.

Learn how to combine your SEO strategies by going after both competitive key phrases and "low hanging fruit."

Learn all the things about SEO site structure, header tags, link-building, alt text, meta descriptions, anchor text, and image optimization -- all in total plain English.

Learn my highest recommended SEO tools to use (both free and paid) to help you streamline your efforts and to keep you on track with your Google® ranking goals.

Chapter 8

(Search Engine Optimization)

Let's grow an amazing blog that drives in quality, organic (FREE) leads!

Learn how to structure your blog content for SEO to be found organically on autopilot.

Learn how to create content that converts visitors into high-quality leads.

Get a YEAR'S worth of blog content examples. No more confusion about what to write about!

Learn how to get more of your weddings published so you can build more brand trust & authority.

Chapter 9

How to use your blog to book more weddings





Or just...

Watch & Learn more in my...

Skip all that & ...

(coming soon)

The Bonuses

And in true treat yo' self style, let's talk about...

That's right.

Here, you will learn about my entire toolbox of goodies from the equipment, what I did with marketing at every stage of business, what software tools I've used and recommend, what books I have read and recommend, my real and raw thoughts on discounts as strategies, my take on destination weddings, strategies for moving to a new market, and so much more.

The bonuses and discounts here are worth more than the cost of entry.

I'll say that one more time. The discounts and the bonuses here are worth more than the cost of the program itself.


Yep. One focus. One result. Higher booking conversion rate. Goals, right? If you're wanting to learn how to convert more leads into actual bookings - this course has your name on it. Because that is what this course is literally all about.

This entire course is given to you as part of a bonus bundle which will help you convert more of your hard-earned leads into bookings on your calendar.

Want to convert more inquiries into bookings? This is ALL about that.

This is a $300 course that used to be sold separately. In this bundle, it's yours for free. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Zippity doo da. $0.

Don't just take my word for it. 

See what members are saying about the program and the results they are having.

By following the course and becoming involved with the support group I was able to DOUBLE my income within 5 months of starting Kyle’s course! I have spent thousands on workshops and business courses but NOTHING compares to the quality, actual real life methods of improvement that Kyle implements. He is such an incredible teacher, cheerleader & really knows how to make us all successful. I seriously can not thank him enough!! I went from a 40k to 80k income year & still receiving high quality inquiries for my ideal clients.  

Went from $40,000 to $80,000 a year!

Kendra | Boise, ID

Book More Weddings has been a game changer! Kyles course has taken my passion for the wedding photography industry and focused it into a money maker! I was able to save time learning how to avoid what doesn’t work, and turn leads into dollars. With Kyle's continued support coupled with the community of Wedding Rockstars on their own paths, you’ve got this. Kyle's direct approach cuts through all the useless information and gets right to the heart of what you need to know to get your business making money!   

Quit his day job & went full-time!

Wes | Toronto, ON

We started to implement things throughout the course as we were going through each chapter. We ended up booking 7 weddings in January which comparatively to the last year we had 0. Even when incorporating the email templates, we made a few thousand more dollars just by having better follow up emails, talking more about budget, and not being afraid to ask about certain things that are typically 'uncomfortable'. One of the biggest takeaways is the strong reminder that we are a BUSINESS and creating more structure and being more business minded has helped us move forward with something that feels more promising for the future of our business. Love the course and LOVE that we have access to a course that is constantly being developed!

Booked 7 weddings in one month!

Stephanie | Austin, TX

"Kyle's online wedding business course, Book More Weddings, has truly transformed the way I run my business. Prior to taking this course, I had designed my business plan based on what I had learned in graduate school in my business classes. After the initial consultation with Kyle, I had a far better understanding of the direction I needed to go than I ever could have learned in grad school. His comprehensive analysis of my current business situation, along with my goals, immediately let me know what I could improve on. Leads started coming in literally the next day. Next, by goal setting and reverse engineering these goals, I began to understand exactly what I wanted from my business and how I was going to get there. I no longer have the mindset of "wow, I hope I can keep my business afloat", but instead "I can and will achieve my dreams". I can't thank Kyle enough for the constant support and direction his course has given me."

DOUBLED her yearly income!

Lindsey | Edmonds, WA

[As a hair & makeup artist with a growing team], I needed more brides, I needed more resources to use to help me grow, and I needed to make more money. I needed guidance and I need a good motivating booty kick. So my husband said “well then what do you have to lose booking someone to help you achieve this?” The answer was nothing. Glad I took the leap and invested in myself in this wedding business online course. I get multiple leads a day now. It’s my passion and my new website and my new outlook on everything. I have already booked three quarters of my summer and it’s not even half-way through January. Kyle is incredibly knowledgeable and packed with tips, advice, and the best needed tough love. Glad I’m here.

Getting multiple leads a day!

Nina | Snohomish, WA

I'm only less than halfway through Kyle's wedding business course & workshop and it has already completely changed the way I view my business. He has provided so many helpful resources like email templates and worksheets. The best part about the course is that the mentoring/coaching doesn't stop! He's provided a group where you can ask all of the questions that come up either early or later on in your business. He continually challenges us and gives us information on what he is learning and implementing in his own business. I'm grateful for the community and the crazy amount of information he provided for me. You have to invest money to make it, and this course is already MORE THAN worth the investment. 

"More than worth the investment."

Meg | Abilene, TX

Who's the Host of the Mastermind?

Hi! I'm Kyle Goldie, multi-passionate entrepreneur, Photographer, Educator, traveler, husband, and total data-nerd.

Hey! I'm Kyle Goldie. A business guy & marketing pro turned fashion photographer, portrait photographer, fine art photographer, wedding photographer, educator, coach, and creator. Yep, that was a mouthful. And if you're multi-passionate like me, you might get it.

If you’re sick of feeling financially stressed as you grow your business, because you don’t really know where your next ideal client booking is coming from, I’ve got you.

If you’re tired of hearing crickets after they inquire, I’ve (still) got you. I can help you convert those ghosts into clients. Yep. For real.

I’ve been in the trenches of closing leads and smart marketing since 2009. And after applying all I knew to my own wedding business and booking myself out for years, I started teaching other wedding pros (of all types) what I did. 

In this program, you will learn everything from the basics to the super advanced - it's literally all in here.

It can help you make more money, become super clear on strategy, and help you work fewer hours per week so you can get back to spending time with your loved ones.  I'm all about that work-life balance.

And now, I want to teach you exactly what to do & HOW to do it.

With 10+ years of experience & having coached hundreds of photo & wedding pros around the world, I’ve seen it all.

I'm Kyle!

Some Press & Clients

Questions & Answers

Q: Who does this course work for?

A: All types of photographers & wedding pros. Yep, seriously. That includes you.

There are very successful photographers, videographers, planners, venue owners, hair & makeup artists, florists, DJs, and more that absolutely crush it after taking action on what they learned (and continue to learn) in this course. If you want to see more testimonials than are found on this page, just check out the reviews page over HERE.

Q: At What career level is this best for?

A: Literally any level. Students have joined when they have never booked a job before, and other students have joined when they are already earning six-figures in their business. Both levels (and everything in between) have benefited from the material in the program. It's meant for everybody. It's quite literally my A-Z about everything I have learned in my career as a photographer in various industries & as a wedding professional. I don't hold anything back. So, no matter if you're just launching or if you're wanting to dial in systems to improve your work-life balance, this can help you do that.

Q: I live outside of the United States. Will this apply to me where I live?

A: Yes, 99% of the program will apply to where you live. The 1% is culture and society-related. There are students in the program from all around the world. There are members from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, ... you name it. It's worked for them. It can work for you, too.

Q: How long do I get access to the course program & community for support?

A: With lifetime access, you have access as long as the program exists. During that time, you will have access to all the content, the upgrades, and the student community. 

Q: If I get stuck in a lesson, can I get help?

A: Yes, absolutely! Just post your question in the members-only FB group for community support, join my Inner Circle, or hire me for 1:1 coaching. There, we can go in-depth with your question together. Easy peasy. 

Q: Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

A: There are no refunds due to the nature of the content, and I need you to be fully committed to taking action to get the results you're wanting.  This is for serious business owners who want to Elevate what they are wanting results with. If that's you, start today.  If you are on the fence because of that, check out the reviews & case studies.

How much would you make if you booked even a SINGLE CLIENT from what you learn?

Get the course for  only $495! >


Get the course & Support for $995! >

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