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Hey! I'm Kyle, and I'm the host behind the InstaRockstar course.

InstaRockstar is the system that I have tested through many accounts of my own as well as have managed for others, and with consistent results between them all. Each chapter within the course goes over key areas of Instagram in the order of what it should be done. And the entire course is released all at once, so you can take it at your own speed. And you get lifetime* access to it and all the future updates. As long as the course exists, you have it.

This course is right for you if you:
- You want to build your authority online in your field
- You want more leads generated from Instagram and you want to monetize your account 🔥
- You want more Instagram sponsorships and free products & services
- You want to stop spending so much time on the platform (yes, this program helps reduce your time spent on IG)
- You're ready to stop guessing at how to organically grow your account and simply get the results you've been wanting

Hey, I'm Kyle!

I'm Kyle!


Who's the Course For?

If you're at any stage of your Instagram growth as a personal brand, and if you're wanting to gain more targeted followers, gain more leads into your business, and earn higher profits - the InstaRockstar course was designed for you.

Personally, I have been on the Instagram app since its creation, and I've seen all the huge changes the platform has made before and after the buyout from FB. I've taken many Instagram courses, read many Instagram books, and learned from some of the world's leading Instagram-growth experts. Some of their tactics work, some don't, and some are just full of fluff.

This course was designed for those who want none of that fluff and only the things that produce real-world results. All with lifetime* access.

If you want to grow your personal brand Instagram account with real, targeted followers, this is for you.

Especially if you like automation.

The Chapters

What's Inside the InstaRockstar course?


FAQs To Get on the Right path quickly

Get started on your amazing path to big growth in under 24 hours. Start here then press forward to hit your goals!



OPTIMIZING YOUR PROFILE to be found organically

Increase your chances of being found in your local market or within your demographic during those organic searches!



Monetizing Your Instagram Account

Here, you will learn the various ways you can monetize your Instagram account and how to drive that crucial traffic including sponsorships, strategic sponsorships, and selling your products/services.



AUTOMATING YOUR account for massive growth

Yep! I love automation, scheduling the right kind of content to attract real, targeted followers on autopilot for your personal brand. Learn how, step-by-step.




Epic additional content worth their weight in gold. Learn how to find company email addresses, how to run giveaways/contests, and way more.


Ava & Patryk

Tulum, Mexico | Destination wedding

Morgan & Jon

PNW | Whidbey Island wedding

ChenHsi & Joe

Cancun, Mexico | Destination Wedding

Liz & Phil

PNW | Fremont Foundry Wedding

Michelle & Cole

PNW | Admiral's House Wedding

Kaitlyn & Anthony

PNW | woodmark hotel Wedding

Emma & Sal

PNW | Crystal Mountain Wedding


tiffany & jackson

Lifetime* Access

* As long as the course exists, you have access to it & all of the future updates.

Members-Only Facebook Group

Once you enroll, you'll also have lifetime* access to the members-only FB group for Q&A.

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I'm only less than halfway through Kyle's wedding business course & workshop and it has already completely changed the way I view my business. He has provided so many helpful resources like email templates and worksheets. The best part about the course is that the mentoring/coaching doesn't stop! He's provided a group where you can ask all of the questions that come up either early or later on in your business. He continually challenges us and gives us information on what he is learning and implementing in his own business. I'm grateful for the community and the crazy amount of information he provided for me. You have to invest money to make it, and this course is already MORE THAN worth the investment. 

"It has completely changed the way I view my business."
"MORE THAN worth the investment."



I needed more brides, I needed more resources to use to help me grow, and I needed to make more money. I needed guidance and I need a good motivating booty kick. So my husband said “well then what do you have to lose booking someone to help you achieve this?” The answer was nothing. Glad I took the leap and invested in myself in this wedding business online course. I get multiple leads a day now. It’s my passion and my new website and my new outlook on everything. I have already booked three quarters of my summer and it’s not even half-way through January. Kyle is incredibly knowledgeable and packed with tips, advice, and the best needed tough love. Glad I’m here.

"Multiple leads a day."
"Packed with tips, advice, and the best needed tough love."

Nina Bissell
HAIR & makeup artist


Book More Weddings has been a game changer! Kyles course has taken my passion for the wedding photography industry and focused it into a money maker! I was able to save time learning how to avoid what doesn’t work, and turn leads into dollars. With Kyle's continued support coupled with the community of Wedding Rockstars on their own paths, you’ve got this. Kyle's direct approach cuts through all the useless information and gets right to the heart of what you need to know to get your business making money!   

"Game changer."
"Money maker."
"Leads into dollars."

WEs Forbes
WEdding & Portrait Photographer


Kyle's online wedding business course, Book More Weddings, has truly transformed the way I run my business. Prior to taking this course, I had designed my business plan based on what I had learned in graduate school in my business classes. After the initial consultation with Kyle, I had a far better understanding of the direction I needed to go than I ever could have learned in grad school. His comprehensive analysis of my current business situation, along with my goals, immediately let me know what I could improve on. Leads started coming in literally the next day. Next, by goal setting and reverse engineering these goals, I began to understand exactly what I wanted from my business and how I was going to get there. I no longer have the mindset of "wow, I hope I can keep my business afloat", but instead "I can and will achieve my dreams". I can't thank Kyle enough for the constant support and direction his course has given me.

"{Better} than grad school."



Thanks to Kyle's help, my dreams are legit coming true! I have worked so hard over the last decade to finally quit my day job, but I always felt like I was missing something to help me reach that goal. But thanks to Kyle and his program, I went from 15 weddings at an average price of $2,700 to now a fully-booked season at $3,500-4,500! Ladies and gentlemen, I am now quitting my day job in a few months and going full-time! I want to cry I am so thankful to finally be here and I know I couldn't have done it without Kyle's help and this amazing program! 

"I want to cry I'm so thankful. I'm now quitting my day job!"



Kyle's online wedding business program, Book More Weddings, has become a cornerstone in the growth of our business. When we have questions we know we have Kyle plus the whole group to bounce ideas off of and then we see results once we implement them. This program has given us the confidence to continue to build our business to the next level. If I could say what the biggest take away has been after learning all that is offered is that our business has value and we can now work out of that mindset and continue to grow and serve our couples even better. 

"A cornerstone in the growth of our business... it's given us confidence to build our business to the next level."

Justin & KElsey TENNISON


Kyle is perfect if you're looking for coaching to help your business grow! I truly appreciate that his honest feedback is direct. It's exactly what I need. It helped me to grow and my business. Without Kyle's course, Book More Weddings, I would not be able to succeed in my business. All of his tools & lessons work. and they are the greatest resources that will benefit YOU! THANK YOU, KYLE! I love being a #WeddingRockstar!

"Without Kyle's course, I would not be able to succeed. All of his lessons and tools work."

Valerie Speir
Wedding Planner & Coordinator


I saw Kyle posting on Facebook and decided to reach out. I'm glad I did. His course lines out a clear path to booking more clients. Really takes a lot of the heavy lifting off of your plate. At the same time, he challenges you to be creative and really think about how you want to brand yourself whilst creating a pathway to do it. The facebook group (Wedding Rockstars) has been an easy way to access information that would otherwise slow me down. The group provides easy solutions to common workflow issues, marketing etc. For a professional in the wedding industry, I would highly recommend utilizing all of the tools in this course and the priceless guidance and experience that Kyle brings. The return on investment is a no brainer. 

"Easy solutions."
"Priceless guidance & experience."
"The ROI is a no-brainer."



Kyle's Book More Weddings online program has totally shifted my perspective on how to run my business successfully. It has inspired me to take massive action with my social media strategy, increase my attention to detail with customer service and be more authentic with my clients. When I signed up for the program, my business had hit a dry spell and thanks to the techniques in this program, I feel like the balling is rolling again! Big things are happening!

"Totally shifted my perspective on how to run my business successfully."



Kyle was great for our 1:1 coaching call! He helped me realize that I was focusing in too many areas. I love photography so much, but I was spreading myself too thin. Ultimately, it was leading to burnout. He gave me tips and tricks for my website, clarified where things should go and how I should divide up the categories I love to shoot. I’m really excited to implement these new ideas and really focus on my business this season! Thanks, Kyle!”

"Kyle was great... I'm really excited to implement these new ideas and really focus!

Sarah anne thompson


Kyle gave me some extremely helpful pointers about what I need to change and how it all should reflect my brand. He also made extremely helpful suggestions with how I word things and how to word them differently. I was unaware of how my website may have been previously perceived by potential clients. I’m very confident that once I apply all of the suggested changes that I will have a better bounce rate and more inquiries coming through.

"Everything was super helpful... I'm very confident that I will have a better bounce rate and more inquiries coming through."

Lessie mcfarlane
wedding & portrait photographer


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