In this SEO course, you will Learn the strategies that have made me well over $100,000

Level up your life & business

Want to know how to get your dream clients finding you on Google? Do you want free, high-quality leads?

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IT's all in this course.

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Learn how to get more free, organic leads by improving your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using your website AND your blog together.

All step-by-step. All in super plain English. 
No technical mumbo-jumbo here.

Level up your life & business

The Simple SEO System

It's all in the course.

Just do this, then that. 

With text-based lessons and video walkthroughs to help you achieve your organic SEO goals with full clarity.

Of course, I can't guarantee you the same exact results... but after studying and taking action on the course material, you will know exactly what I've done... and how you can use the same strategies for your own business.

Step-by-step, you will learn how I've received well over $100,000 worth of high-quality leads (and bookings) for FREE using simple SEO strategies.

And you get LIFETIME ACCESS to it!

That means you get all the updates to the course for free (as long as the course exists).

This SEO Course Includes my best Lead generating strategies.

High-Quality leads that don't cost me a single penny.

Level up your life & business



It's only $197!

The Simple SEo System

An Online Course for Those Who Want More Free Leads from Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be confusing, technical, and overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be that way. And that's exactly why I created this SEO course. 

All that technical mumbo jumbo jargon is gone. Simply just follow the easy-to-understand steps, watch the video walkthroughs, and understand with full clarity what to do for your own SEO efforts. 

This course is right for you if:
• You want more quality leads who find you for free on Google®
• You want to not have to rely so heavily on paid ads strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website
• You want to know what key phrases you should be targeting, and where the "low hanging fruit" is that your competitors don't know about
• You want an online course with lifetime access so you can go at your own pace
• You are ready to listen & apply everything in the course
• You are serious about taking action and taking control of your lead generation.

It's not right for you if:
• You expect overnight success (that doesn't exist with SEO)
• You create excuses why you can't do something
• You aren't an action taker
• You have trouble keeping yourself accountable (sign up for my VIP 1:1 instead)

I'm Kyle!


Keyword & Key Phrase Research

It all starts with this foundational piece. Know exactly what you should be ranking for, and how to prioritize your efforts.

Chapter 1


On-Page SEO

Your website SEO structure, your headlines & header tags, and all the fun stuff that makes your website get more targeted traffic.



Content Marketing & Blogging

Your blog is one of the most important pieces to getting more targeted leads. Here, learn how. Step-by-step.



Off-Page SEO

Learn how to build out your backlinks to increase your website traffic, domain authority, page authority, & get that web trust.



SEo Tools

All the SEO tools I use are listed here. All with clarity on exactly how I use them.


Ava & Patryk

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Morgan & Jon

PNW | Whidbey Island wedding

ChenHsi & Joe

Cancun, Mexico | Destination Wedding

Liz & Phil

PNW | Fremont Foundry Wedding

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PNW | Admiral's House Wedding

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Emma & Sal

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tiffany & jackson

The Topics Inside

Here are the lessons you'll find in the course

The SEO Strategies That Have Earned Me Well Over $100,000 (What You'll Learn In The Course)

How to Verify Your Website on Google®

How to Do Your SEO Keyword & Key-Phrase Research (Strategies for the highly competitive key phrases as well as the "low hanging fruit.")

SEO Market Research (Video Walkthrough)

SEO Content Strategy Overview


ON-PAGE SEO: How to Structure Your Site Headlines & Permalinks/URL's

ON-PAGE SEO: How to Properly Structure Your Website Header Tags (H1-H3)

ON-PAGE SEO: Structure (Video Walkthrough)

ON-PAGE SEO: How to Optimize Your Images for SEO & Speed


OFF-PAGE SEO: Link-Building Strategies

OFF-PAGE SEO: The Importance of Anchor Text & How To Do It as part of your Link-Building Strategy


LOCAL SEO: How to Create a Google Business Listing (And the Importance of Google Reviews)

LOCAL SEO: The Importance of Local Citations (And Where to Get Them)

LOCAL SEO: A Checklist to Help You Ensure Your Local SEO Tasks Gets Done

SEO Tools & Outside Resources to Help You Maximize Your Efficiency and to Keep You Informed


Search Engine Optimization

Learn exactly what to do with your blog to drive in targeted traffic.

An Overview on Using Your Blog with Intention

How to Set Your Blog Categories with Strategy & SEO Intention

Creating Content That Converts

Blog Content Format & Structure for SEO

How To Format Your Blog Titles for SEO (And Extra Clicks)

How to Write Permalink Structures for SEO

How to Write Meta Descriptions with Conversions in Mind

13 Tips on How to Write Your Blog Content for both Your Ideal Reader & Google SEO

7 Steps to Help You Optimize Your Blog Photos & Graphics

Tips on How to Not Leave Your Posts Orphaned

How to Get the Most Out of the Yoast SEO Plugin for Wordpress

How to Use My (Secret) Favorite Blog Plugin

Creating Blog Content That Converts

Blogging with Intention

Use your Blog to Drive leads & sales

The Bonuses

And in true treat yo' self style, let's talk about...

That's right.

Here, you will learn about my entire SEO toolbox, what I did with marketing at every stage of business, discounts on software tools I've used and recommend, exclusive discounts on my digital products and online courses, and so much more.

The bonuses and discounts here are worth more than the cost of the course.

I'll say that one more time. The discounts and the bonuses here are worth more than the cost of the course itself.

That's right! You can get 50% off the ever-popular, and ever-awesome CRM platform Honeybook through an exclusive discount link since I am a Honeybook educator. Send emails, contracts, invoices, manage your client communication seamlessly (and more).

50% Off

Bonus #1

If you are wanting to level up your Instagram™ account audience with the right people and ignore those vanity metrics (likes, followers, engagement, etc), this course can help you monetize your account the right way.

Who cares about vanity metrics if none of it leads to dollars in the bank and more customers & clients, right?

Get super clear about your Instagram® Sales strategies for 50% off with an exclusive code.

Step away from the comparison game. Dive deep into monetizing your Instagram™ account - the right way. You can get this course for 50% off using an exclusive discount code found inside of the course.

Bonus #2

50% Off

What better way to get support than from others who are going through the same exact content as you are!

Here in this SEO mastermind community, you can post all your questions related to SEO and get community support from other members. And you'll have access to it for as long as it exists!

Once you enroll, you'll get access to the members-only SEO mastermind community.

Let's truly build that #CommunityOverCompetition spirit! The more we all support each other, the more we all grow - together.

Bonus #3

Who's the host of the Program, you might wonder?

Hey! I'm Kyle Goldie. A business guy & marketing pro turned photographer, educator, coach, and creator.

If you’re sick of not knowing how to generate more high-quality leads to your business with FREE strategies (SEO), this course is for you.

I’ve been in the trenches of closing leads and smart marketing since 2009. And after applying all I knew to my own businesses and booking myself out for years, I started teaching other creative business bosses what I did. 

In this program, you will learn everything that I know about SEO - it's literally all in here. Every last step that has enabled me to get well over $100,000 in high-quality leads and bookings over the years.

It can help you make more money, become super clear on strategy, and help you work fewer hours per week so you can get back to spending time with your loved ones.  I'm all about that work-life balance.

And now, I want to teach you exactly what to do & HOW to do it.

With 10+ years of experience & having coached hundreds of creative pros around the world, I’ve seen it all.

I'm Kyle!

as seen in


Q: Who does this SEO course work for?

A: Any small businesses who are wanting to improve your Search Engine Optimization. This means it works great for photographers of all types, wedding pros of all types, bloggers of all types, course creators, coaches, service providers... you name it. If you want to improve your SEO, this course can help you hit your goals.

Q: SEO overwhelms me. Will this course be easy?

A: I totally get it. SEO can be filled with technical jargon, and I find it to be unnecessary. So, I broke it down into really easy-to-understand lessons and put those strategies in an easy format. I even give video walkthroughs on particular lessons to just show you exactly how I do it.  That way, there's no confusion at all.

Q: I live outside of the United States. Will this apply to me where I live?

A: Yes, as long as your ideal client/customer uses Google® for their online searches for people in your industry... this definitely applies to you.

Q: If I have questions and want support, how do I get that support?

A: I wanted to keep this online course as low-cost as possible so you can get your hands on the information, so there is no support group. You can always book me for a 1:1 VIP coaching call. There, I can support you with even higher value than a simple FB group. I'm all about getting you the best results possible.

Q: Is there a refund policy or guarantee, so I have no risk to join?

A: You bet! I want you feeling 100% comfortable, so I offer a conditional 14-day money-back guarantee. So, there's no risk for you to enroll. Just show me the work that you've done, and if you're still not happy in the first 2 weeks after enrolling, I will refund your money in full. That said, I am pretty confident that you won't be wanting a refund. ;) The strategies in this course have earned me well over $100,000 in leads.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: Once you enroll, you will have access to the course content for as long as the course exists. (I have no intention of removing the course anytime soon.)

Q: How long does it take to complete?

A: That totally depends on how much you have to optimize and DO. That said, SEO is a never-ending thing that just needs to be done as a business owner. It's that important if you want free, organic, high-quality leads finding you on Google®. 

So, there's No risk to enroll!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I want you feeling absolutely, completely 100% excited to enroll and 100% assured that you truly are in the right place. So, there is a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Simply enroll, do the work within the first two weeks, show that work to me, and if you truly feel like your business won't benefit from the step-by-step strategies and ongoing support - I will refund your money in full. 

But I'm Confident you'll want to stick around.

I'm ready to take action!

no more excuses. no more delaying this. it's time. i'm ready.

See you on the inside!

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