Questions & Answers

Q: Who's this for?

A: Anyone who wants more organic traffic, leads, and sales. Mostly photographers. (All types)

Q: At What career level is this best for?

A: Any level. I'll be covering basics through advanced - but in plain English so it's all super easy to understand. And because you have direct access to me - just ask me your questions for your unique business and your unique goals. 

Q: I live outside of the United States. Will this apply to me where I live?

A: Yes, 99% of the program will apply to where you live. The 1% is culture and society-related. There are students in the program from all around the world. There are members from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, ... you name it. It's worked for them. It can work for you, too.

Q: How long will I get access to the content?

A: During the 3 days of the challenge. That's it. This isn't pre-recorded. It's not a course. It's a CHALLENGE group to help you keep yourself accountable to TAKING ACTION.

Q: If I have questions, can I get help?

A: Yes, just pop your questions into the group, attend the group coaching calls, and ENGAGE with the community. You will only get as much out as what you put in.

Q: Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

A: This is non-refundable for any and all reasons. Keep yourself accountable to showing up as often as you are able, take action on the material within the challenge, engage with the community of other challenge participants, and stay consistent.

Q: How can I get extra help?

A: I will walk you through those options on the third day of  the challenge.

Q: What if I fall behind on the content?

A: The live FB group coaching calls are available to watch for the 3 days, then they go away. So, you have 3 days to consume and take action on the content. (Plenty of time for the actionable material that we will be going over.) The rest of the challenge material is simply posted in the group itself as text posts, so just catch up when you are able during the 3 days.

Q: When will the group coaching calls be held?

A: I normally hold these at 10:00am PST each day, but I've been known to over-deliver and go live multiple times throughout the challenge. Keep in mind that if you can't attend the calls, simply catch the recording after the call (but before the 3 days are over). Remember, you have to take action to improve your results, and that is a big part of this challenge group!

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