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You just took a leap of faith and you enrolled into the Elevate course! I promise you that you'll find that I have put EVERY OUNCE of knowledge that I have into the program and that I don't leave a single thing out. You are in the right place. And I am truly grateful that you are joining us in the community. Thank you.

You will be getting an email in a few minutes with the link to join the student community group on Facebook®! That same link is at the bottom of this page, but make sure to read about the Inner Circle first so you can grab your level of desired support.



Get Even More Support FROM ME DIRECTLY & Join the Optional Inner Circle for $49!

Do you want more access to me as a PERSONAL MENTOR & BUSINESS COACH for ongoing support as you go through the course? This is something that is NOT publicly available! It's only available to course students. And now, that's you!

For only $49/month, you now have the exclusive (and optional) opportunity to join me in my Inner Circle community group. That is where you will be able to get more access to me directly and to ask me more questions. I normally charge $500+/hour for 1:1 coaching. And in this Inner Circle, it's only $49 for a whole month inside of the community.

Better yet, you can cancel anytime with absolutely no commitment.

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A Mentoring / Coaching Cost Comparison

One-Month of Inner Circle Mentoring

One-year of inner circle Mentoring



One-hour of 1:1 Coaching


Lifetime* Access to the student group


A Comparison of Support Levels You Can Get

Student Group

Inner Circle

1:1 Coaching

Community support

Lifetime Access

More support from me directly


or $499/year

1:1 attention with your unique business

$500-5,000 range of 1:1 packages

Access for as long as you are a paying member

length of access varies depending on 1:1 package




Q: Who is the Inner Circle for?

A: Exclusively for graduates of my coaching program who want ongoing access to me at a low rate! The Inner Circle is not publicly available. This membership group answers the questions from students who are in all of my courses. So, there's no need for multiple high-level support groups. Simply put, the Inner Circle Q&A mastermind group is your area where you can get extra time and attention from me to help answer your questions outside of the DIY course(s) that you're in.

Q: At what stage of business is the Inner Circle best for?

A: Any stage! I've launched many businesses, scaled some to multiple six-figures, failed at a few, and learned a lot across many industries over the past couple of decades. Entrepreneurs have joined when they are just launching, and others have joined when they are already earning six figures in their business and just want to scale up with clarity. Both levels (and everything in between) have benefited from the support in the Inner Circle. It's meant for everybody. If you have quick questions, this is your opportunity to get quick answers and clarity on those questions. More in-depth answers might require my courses or personalized coaching to go deeper. But this is the Inner Circle Q&A community where I  share everything I have learned in my 20+ years as an entrepreneur having worked in multiple industries with success.

Q: How long do I get access to the Inner Circle for support?

A: You have access for as long as the Inner Circle exists and as long as your payments stay current and as long as you're a member.

Q: Is the Inner Circle a course?

A: No. It's group coaching. The Inner Circle is where you can get more of my help from the course(s) you are in. It's a Q&A mastermind support group where you receive intimate, personalized advice that's unique to your business and your questions that can cover a huge array of topics that I have experience with. And you have to be in at least one of my online courses or have taken part in my 1:1 coaching programs to qualify to be accepted in the Inner Circle. Ask questions, get help. I am in the Inner Circle group as often as I can be M-Th. If you ever feel like you want faster help or more in-depth help, that is why my private 1:1 coaching exists. But here, get a taste about how much I can help you and let's get you some clarity.

Q: What type of questions get answered in the Inner Circle?

A: No topic is off limits. Whether it be about business, photography (weddings, portraits, commercial, fine art, etc), course creation, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, podcasting, life, or really just about anything else - if you want my personal help at a low cost - this is it.

Q: How much coaching & support will I receive?

A: There is no set limit (I like to overdeliver).  That said, the goal is to give you access to a group coaching call at least four times per month, as well as continued access to the Inner Circle members-only Facebook® group - which is very active and supportive by itself.

Simply put, it's like having a personalized business consultant in your back pocket to help you save time, save money, make more money, and get absolute clarity on strategy so that you can move forward quickly.

Do you want more access to me as a Personal Mentor & Business Coach for ongoing support as you go through the course?

For as little as only $49/month...

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Totally okay! I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the opportunity to get more access to me as your mentor for a super low cost. But just know that the 1:1 coaching option for only $250 (50% OFF) doesn't exist anywhere else after you leave this page (only available to brand new Inner Circle members). And remember, you can cancel the Inner Circle anytime with no commitment.

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