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Yes, THE Natalie Franke. You might know her best from being one of the founders of the Rising Tide Society, and you might also know her as being the Head of Community at the super powerful and awesome CRM platform, Honeybook. And above all else, Natalie is all about community over competition. She’s a big leader for that movement, and as a Honeybook educator myself – I can say with confidence that Natalie truly is all about community over competition. She’s led tens of thousands of creative entrepreneurs from around the world, and she continues to be a leader by every meaning of the word.

On this episode, Natalie and I chat in great detail about the importance of time. More specifically, how you can make the most of your time, how to increase your efficiencies, and truly how important it is to maintain control of your schedule if you are wanting to hit the next level in both your business and your life. Listen in and receive actionable advice to help you on your way.

Where & How to Invest Your Time to Propel Your Business Forward
- with Natalie Franke

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If you’re a wedding or portrait photographer, you’ve most likely heard about Susan Stripling over the years one way or another. And on this episode, Susan and I had a super raw, real, brutally honest chat about owning a business in the wedding industry.

Susan is an internationally-recognized, awarded, and sought-after educator in the wedding industry. She’s been a wedding photographer now for nearly 20 years, she’s photographed celebrity weddings, her work has been seen in the who’s who of industry publications, she’s a Canon Explorer of Light, and she’s just a down-right fun person.

So if you’re anything like me and you want to stay far away from the wedding industry politics and cliché sayings, and just hear the raw truth about the industry and our perspective on it, stay tuned to this episode. Because this episode is for all the wedding industry professionals out there who want to hear the raw, real, and authentic truth.

The Raw & Authentic Truth of Owning a Wedding Business
- With Susan Stripling

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I brought in Arne Giske, a Facebook® group growth expert and the founder behind the massive Millennial Entrepreneur Community Facebook® group - which is tens of thousands of members strong. Arne goes in-depth with some key pieces of advice to help you grow your Facebook group and turn those group numbers into business dollars. After all, that's the the most important thing - conversions into sales.

If you’ve been on the fence about growing a Facebook® group, or maybe you have one but just haven’t seen the growth you’ve been wanting – this podcast episode is meant for you.

It is a seemingly easy thing to do, but as most things are – there are many layers behind it all and there’s a reason and a strategy behind every process. And that’s exactly why I wanted to bring in a Facebook® group growth expert into this episode.

How to Build a Massive Facebook® Group
- with Arne Giske

On this episode, I go into deep discussion with world-renowned wedding & portrait photographer Sal Cincotta. Sal has constantly been expanding his brand and his name into different sectors within the photography industry for the past couple decades. So, if you’re looking to level up your photography business, this episode is definitely for you.

We see countless photographers spending so much time worrying about the technical aspects to photography and the hottest piece of equipment that just came out – that the business side of photography is nearly forgotten. Time and time again, creatives get distracted by shiny object syndrome and put aside their education, marketing, lead generation, branding, and ultimately – sales.  That’s why I wanted to bring Sal on to this show and why we go in depth and cut straight to the point.

Tune in to listen to what Sal and I suggest to level up your profit in your photography business.

Profitable Photography Business Building Tips
- with Sal Cincotta

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