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Build & Grow Your Dream Creative Business.

I help CreativeS (LIKE YOU) make more money, work fewer hours, and live a life of purpose.

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I'm Kyle Goldie, the host of the most awesome wedding & photo business membership mastermind community on the planet.

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Stoked you're here!

(Sure, I may be biased, but the case studies & reviews are pretty darn amazing. Check them out for yourself!)

Simply put, I help Creatives (like you) make more money, work fewer hours, & live a life of purpose - by cutting straight to the strategies that help make it happen.

Build & Grow Your Dream Creative Business.

The most robust A-to-Z blueprint for photographers & wedding pros (of all types) looking to build a wildly successful business...
- without the fluff.

Level up your life & business

The creative business mastermind

$49 / Month (Cancel anytime, no commitment)
$149 / Quarter
$499 / Year (Two Months FREE!)
$1999 / Lifetime* Access

A Photo & Wedding Business membership program & community


Results. That's the entire goal of creating this membership, and the program itself is in a step-by-step course format that gives you instant access to everything. 

So, no matter what stage you are in inside of your business right now, you can hop around and get started with the lessons that can help you level up. You just need to take action. Here's a snapshot of just some of what you'll learn inside...

What's Inside The Membership?

Come for the Valuable content, stay for the Even more valuable support

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)








Conversion Copywriting

Blogging for Sales


high-converting Website Design

Time Management

social media for sales

 & so much More


This isn't "just a course." It's a course-format membership where you get instant access to A-Z lessons and strategies that cut straight to the point and eliminate all the fluff that doesn't get you the transformation in your business (and your lifestyle behind it) that you're looking for.

And with the monthly group Q&A coaching calls where you can hop on LIVE with me and the rest of the community, you get the opportunity to DIVE DEEP with your business questions with your unique goals.

And you will also have access to ALL the existing group Q&A coaching calls, too! This by itself is worth more than the cost of the membership.

A Members-Only FB Community for Mastermind Support & Monthly Group Q&A Coaching Calls!

This is where the mastermind part comes into play. You'll get instant access to the community, and have access to the group Q&A calls so I can help you personally!

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As low as only $49/Month!

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Planners & Coordinators






If you want to book more of your ideal wedding clients, this is for you.

Who's The Elevate Mastermind Membership For?

This community started out just for photographers, then it evolved. It elevated. Why? Because I realized that the same exact information can help out a larger audience make more money, work fewer hours, and improve their lifestyle. And then that thought was proven through all the case studies from different students over the years.  Proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Photographers & wedding pros of all types! yep, that means you!

Wedding Pros (Of All Types)





Fine Art


If you want to book more of your ideal Photography clients, this is for you.

Photographers (Of All Types)

The most robust A-to-Z blueprint for photographers & wedding pros (of all types) looking to level up their business -
without the fluff.

Level up your life & business

& learn how this membership is different. 

Just press play!


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Skip all that & ...

As low as only $49/Month!

Real Wins, Reviews & Case Studies 

I get it, there's a lot of people claiming they can help you. Do your due diligence and make sure to take into consideration the results they help others achieve and your desired return on investment (ROI). With this membership being so low cost, your return on investment can be absolutely massive - and it can be somewhere that you get ongoing support for a low monthly cost.  What are you waiting for?

Have a look at some real wins from real members of the Elevate mastermind community!

By following the course and becoming involved with the support group I was able to DOUBLE my income within 5 months of starting Kyle’s course! I have spent thousands on workshops and business courses but NOTHING compares to the quality, actual real life methods of improvement that Kyle implements. He is such an incredible teacher, cheerleader & really knows how to make us all successful. I seriously can not thank him enough!! I went from a 40k to 80k income year & still receiving high quality inquiries for my ideal clients.  

Went from $40,000 to $80,000 a year!

Kendra | Boise, ID

Book More Weddings has been a game changer! Kyles course has taken my passion for the wedding photography industry and focused it into a money maker! I was able to save time learning how to avoid what doesn’t work, and turn leads into dollars. With Kyle's continued support coupled with the community of Wedding Rockstars on their own paths, you’ve got this. Kyle's direct approach cuts through all the useless information and gets right to the heart of what you need to know to get your business making money!   

Quit his day job & went full-time!

Wes | Toronto, ON

We started to implement things throughout the course as we were going through each chapter. We ended up booking 7 weddings in January which comparatively to the last year we had 0. Even when incorporating the email templates, we made a few thousand more dollars just by having better follow up emails, talking more about budget, and not being afraid to ask about certain things that are typically 'uncomfortable'. One of the biggest takeaways is the strong reminder that we are a BUSINESS and creating more structure and being more business minded has helped us move forward with something that feels more promising for the future of our business. Love the course and LOVE that we have access to a course that is constantly being developed!

Booked 7 weddings in one month!

Stephanie | Austin, TX

Kyle's online wedding business course, Book More Weddings, has truly transformed the way I run my business. Prior to taking this course, I had designed my business plan based on what I had learned in graduate school in my business classes. After the initial consultation with Kyle, I had a far better understanding of the direction I needed to go than I ever could have learned in grad school. His comprehensive analysis of my current business situation, along with my goals, immediately let me know what I could improve on. Leads started coming in literally the next day. Next, by goal setting and reverse engineering these goals, I began to understand exactly what I wanted from my business and how I was going to get there. I no longer have the mindset of "wow, I hope I can keep my business afloat", but instead "I can and will achieve my dreams". I can't thank Kyle enough for the constant support and direction his course has given me.

DOUBLED her yearly income!

Lindsey | Edmonds, WA

As a hair & makeup artist with a growing team], I needed more brides, I needed more resources to use to help me grow, and I needed to make more money. I needed guidance and I need a good motivating booty kick. So my husband said “well then what do you have to lose booking someone to help you achieve this?” The answer was nothing. Glad I took the leap and invested in myself in this wedding business online course. I get multiple leads a day now. It’s my passion and my new website and my new outlook on everything. I have already booked three quarters of my summer and it’s not even half-way through January. Kyle is incredibly knowledgeable and packed with tips, advice, and the best needed tough love. Glad I’m here.

Getting multiple leads a day!

Nina | Snohomish, WA

I'm only less than halfway through Kyle's wedding business course & workshop and it has already completely changed the way I view my business. He has provided so many helpful resources like email templates and worksheets. The best part about the course is that the mentoring/coaching doesn't stop! He's provided a group where you can ask all of the questions that come up either early or later on in your business. He continually challenges us and gives us information on what he is learning and implementing in his own business. I'm grateful for the community and the crazy amount of information he provided for me. You have to invest money to make it, and this course is already MORE THAN worth the investment. 

"More than worth the investment."

Meg | Abilene, TX

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