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Yep, mine of course! I help photographers (of all types), wedding pros (of all types), course creators, and other creative pros make more money, work fewer hours per week, and improve their work-life balance.

If that sounds like something you're wanting for yourself and your business, check out how I can help.  Whether you're looking for DIY courses or 1:1 private coaching to help you dial in your results faster, I have all the options you could need. And, of course, if you ever want to see which is the right path for you or if you have any questions - just reach out to me using my Contact form on my website.

I really am here to help.

My Own Courses & Coaching!

 Business for Photographers (of all types), Wedding Pros (of all types), Course Creators, and other Creative Pros!

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Working remotely is one of the most sought after things these days. And with Danny's digital agency course, it can help you get to that goal.

Danny Tran's, "Client Takeover to 6 Figures" digital agency course is one of the best I have seen. He removes all the ego & has an incredibly thorough step-by-step strategy to follow. If you want to start a digital agency, start here.

Client Takeover to 6 Figures

Create & Build a digital agency

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Facebook™ ads can be confusing, right? If I said that a thousand more times, I wouldn't say that enough. But with the help of a clear strategy, you can get that clarity you're after. 

In today's digital economy, the importance of running online ads is crucial - especially if you are wanting to scale your business efficiently. Facebook™ ads aren't meant for everyone, but if you are in the majority, this course can help you get on the right path.

Facebook™ Ad IQ Academy

Improve your Facebook® Ads

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Are you struggling with your webinar? Not sure how to improve your conversion rates or get the most out of your audience? 

Believe me, I get it. I run webinars. I run them A LOT. It's SO important that you have your webinar done the right way from the start. So, I recommend you learn from some of the best people on the planet who know webinars down to a science - the guys at Rapid Crush, Inc.

Genius Webinars

IMprove your webinar

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I Recommend

Grab Honeybook using this link to get a HUGE 50% off your first year! That's worth a bunch of money. You get the benefits of me being a Honeybook educator!

Manage your leads, quotes, contracts, invoices, client communication workflow -- all the things. It's super slick. Check it out and get started with a free trial through the link here.

Honeybook - 50% Off!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Want to build your list? Use ConvertKit. Want to build out visual automations so you can easily see how one tag or sequence leads into another? Use ConvertKit. Want to simplify your list building life? You guessed it - use ConvertKit.


Email Service Provider

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If you've been debating starting your very own online course, there are a handful of online course platforms. Personally, I use and love Thinkific. Why? Because it's incredibly easy to set up, manage, and scale. Don't get distracted by shiny objects out there. Just use what works.


Online Course Platform

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Getting a new domain or just moving hosts? I recommend you check out Bluehost. It's who I use for all my different websites. If you're wanting something super simple for your website & email hosting needs, check out these guys. 


Website & email Host

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If you have ever bought anything from my website, you've purchased it through my cart software - ThriveCart

Thrivecart is also where I manage my affiliate program, track conversions, and auto-tag customers to automate follow-up using my email service provider, ConvertKit. 

If you sell stuff online like me. Get ThriveCart.


Shopping cart & Affiliate Program software

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Drive for work? Me too. Always forget to write down your mileage, or think it's too much of a pain in the butt to carry around a journal for that? Yep, me too. Just get Mile IQ and have it track your mileage automatically. Just categorize your drives and you're good to go.

Mile IQ

Track Your Mileage automatically

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This isn't an affiliate link. I just love SmartSlides, and I've compared and contrasted a few of the leading options directly against one another. 

So, if you're looking to create beautiful slideshows for any reason (for clients, for YouTube, for marketing campaigns, for whatever...), I highly recommend you check out SmartSlides. Like, now.


Create Beautiful Slideshows

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Are you a photographer who is wanting a gorgeous online gallery to deliver to your clients? Are you wanting to make more print sales with that gallery? If so, get Pic-Time. My sales have been up ever since I started using it. That's the goal, right?

Plus, it has a super clean design, it's super easy to use, and clients love it. Need I say any more? Get Pic-Time for your online gallery.


Gorgeous online photo Galleries

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Run a local SEO site check & boost your local SEO authority with accurate, high-quality business listings and links.  With BrightLocal, they handle the heavy lifting. You just need to choose where you want your business listings to be. 


IMprove your Local SEO Citations

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I Recommend


Use this company to outsource your wedding & portrait photography, and use my name when you sign up for a special offer! Use "Kyle Goldie" when you sign up for a free month added to the end of your contract.

Bright Local

Run a local SEO site check & boost your local SEO authority with accurate, high quality business listings & links



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