Client Takeover to 6 Figures Course with Danny Tran | A Review by Kyle Goldie

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Client Takeover to 6 Figures Course with Danny Tran | A Review by Kyle Goldie

Digital Agency, Online Courses

This is a little off topic from what I normally write about, but as the life of a multi-passionate entrepreneur goes… I started to think about what to do for an extra stream of revenue.

I dialed in my wedding photography systems & marketing and all that jazz. I got to a place where my online courses were going well and to a place where I was really happy with them… and I still felt like I wanted to make more of an impact. And then I saw Danny Tran’s Client Takeover to 6 Figures digital agency course.  And naturally, I wanted to give it an honest review.

The Client Takeover to 6 Figures Course Review. An online course & community by Danny Tran.

Let’s start here. I had zero idea how to run a digital agency, let alone market one. And so when I signed up in 2018 (after 9 years of coaching small businesses), I had a gut feeling that this would be the right route for me to go down and to explore. And what better way to explore something than learn from someone who has an already-established track record with a digital agency, right?

And here’s where I could really ramble on about the level of detail that’s inside of the course (it’s quite literally A-Z), but the one thing that really stood out to me the most was his level of support that he gives the students of the course. And being a course creator and online educator myself, I know first-hand how much time, sweat, and energy goes into providing that service. And all just as a bonus for being part of the community.

I don’t say this lightly because I don’t recommend products, courses, or people without fully believing in them. And Danny Tran’s course about how to start a digital agency really blew me away.

And let’s briefly talk about the content that he has poured his heart & soul into…

This is all at the time of writing this review.

So, what’s included in the Client Takeover digital agency course?

  1. How to target your ideal clients AND how to get in touch with those who are ready to buy your digital agency services ASAP.
  2. Get scripts that you can use to generate immediate responses that will have them wanting to work with you.
  3. Get the step-by-step details on all the things you need to send out proposals and increase your conversions!
  4. Learn how to stand out from all the other marketers working to get them as a client. Learn how to separate yourself and your digital agency!
  5. Get the strategies on how you can get started with your marketing for FREE… all while you work from anywhere with a wifi connection.
  6. Learn how to create Facebook ads that sell nearly anything. (worth the cost of entry by itself, in my opinion).
  7. Get to know the systems you need that brings in customers to YOU on demand.
  8. Learn how to automate your follow up process for both you and your digital agency clients.
  9. Learn how to automate your clients results.
  10. Learn how to test and optimize your marketing campaigns.
  11. And yes, get community support along the way.


Yep. A lot.

Information in an information-saturated world can feel confusing, overwhelming, and maybe even a bit less valuable (at least in perception). And personally, I have taken a lot of really bad online courses over the years. And I mean truly awful. But the Client Takeover to 6 Figures online course by Danny Tran isn’t one of them.

It’s one of the very few that I actually highly recommend. And it’s about time I write a formal review about it.

If you’re wanting to start a digital agency, get this course.

Check out all the details about it over here.

What are you waiting for?


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