Broke to Booked, A Facebook Ads Course for Photographers & Wedding Pros

As a wedding pro, you’re going to want to get more leads, am I right? Especially those leads who are begging to book you. That’s your ideal clients knocking!  And when I was looking around for a Facebook ads course for photographers & wedding pros, the Broke to Booked course by Katie & Floyd Jones caught my eye.

What they’ve done is packaged up all their IP about Facebook ads for photographers (and other wedding pros) and put it all together into a neat little course.  A course that is intently focused on driving in results for your business. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Personally, I love SEO – Search Engine Optimization. And that’s why I developed out an SEO course for photographers for exactly that reason… but I am also a firm believer in running ads. I believe that running only one type of strategy is doing yourself a disservice. I think you should run ads and level up your SEO simultaneously.


Love SEO? Me too. Want to get a Facebook ads course for photographers & wedding pros? Check out Broke to Booked.


And much like my own courses, Katie and Floyds ‘Broke to Booked’ program comes with a money-back guarantee based on results (at the time of this lesson), so there’s literally no risk for you to give it a go. Right? Right.

So what’s the biggest thing to me that really has Katie stand out to me over other Facebook ads course creators? She really cares. She really does care about the results you get. And that’s probably a big reason why her Facebook ads course for photographers comes with that really awesome guarantee.

Make sure to check it out. All the details about the Broke to Booked online course are over here.

Oh, and just to sweeten it a bit… if you use the coupon code of “KYLEGOLDIE” at checkout, you’re going to get 10% off. How’s that for a sweet surprise? Everybody loves a discount. Especially when what you’re buying can help you make a bunch of money.


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