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When you’re doing anything with your photography business, you absolutely must be marketing to your ideal client. Why? Because when you’re not marketing to your ideal client, you’re marketing to this black void of nothing. And that nothing is what most call “everyone.” After all, when you market to everyone, you’re in fact marketing to […]

5 Steps to Create Your Ideal Client Avatar
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You’re listening to the Elevate podcast with me, Kyle Goldie. This is episode number 22. And on today’s episode, we’re going to be chatting about my very own mental health, my battles with anxiety, and what I do to overcome these internal battles. And with everything going on in the world today, we need to […]

Living With Anxiety as an Entrepreneur
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Let’s cut right to it. When it comes to businesses struggling, seeing fewer leads, fewer bookings, and making less money – a lot of business owners have an ego attached to that drop in sales. But I want to have a really open conversation about this with you, what I’m feeling in my own business, […]

Coronavirus business research and reporting
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Mental health is the number one thing that is overlooked by many people, not just photographers & wedding pros. And it’s more than just mindset. I’m talking here about the true MENTAL HEALTH of your inner self. Not just how you think about one thing or another. For that, just get started by reading the […]

Mental Health and why it's important for your photography or wedding business
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Personally, I am still seeing Facebook ads for client investment guides and someone is selling the “golden solution” to making that client experience so much better. But is it really? Because a lot of these ads are selling PDF’s that you drop in your photos and change out the copy (the written word). And in […]

PDF vs subdomain photography investment guide
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When it comes to your business in the wedding or photo industries, conversations at some point or another lead to talk about business cards. And for some reason, even something as mundane as a business card can become a controversial topic. And today on the blog, I want to help give you clarity – while […]

Business Card Marketing Strategy
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This lesson is for those who are newer with little to no photography content (or in need of a refresh to speak better to your ideal clients.) If that’s you, read this lesson throughout, and then go through the Build phase. It goes without saying, we all start from scratch. So, don’t be embarrassed about it. […]

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When you’re about to launch your new offer (or heck, even new branch of your business), you will naturally wonder about the best ways to do things. And this is especially true if your new thing is an online course or membership offer. And personally, I’ve been running my own courses and memberships for the […]

Teachable vs Thinkific
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When it comes to Instagram, I am very public about how I think the platform can be a bit toxic and a bit surface. Of course, there are ways to use Instagram strategically without spending much time aimlessly scrolling around, but most people want to go after one very simple thing – Instagram growth. So, […]

Instagram Followers Count | Tools & Tricks
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All photographers want to save more time. But not all photographers want to spend a dime to improve their work-life balance. But for those of you who want to make more money while working less, Photo Mechanic by CameraBits has your back. And it’s definitely the tool I recommend you get to cull your photos. […]

Using WebTextTool for Blogging SEO
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