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A Mentorship Program to Help You Learn How to book Your Ideal Clients Without Ads

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Get me as your photography business coach to learn exactly what needs to get done to book more of your ideal photography clients without ads - and receive complete step-by-step clarity, support, and accountability to transform the way you run your business. 

What You'll Optimize
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Book Your Ideal Photography clients - without ads.

With Optimized SEO, Social Media, Referrals, A Converting Website, And Strategic Pricing & Sales Workflow 

Here's all the things that are


• DONE-FOR-YOU SEO Keyword Research ($800 value)

Starting off with exactly what you need - this done-for-you SEO keyword research service will tell you exactly which keywords you need to be ranking for in your market, which keywords to use within your blog post content marketing strategy, and which ones to avoid altogether.  No more guessing. Done-for-you.

• DONE-FOR-YOU Website Audit ($400 Value)

Is your website holding you back? Maybe you don't even know and it's the thing you NEED optimized - even if you originally *wanting* something else entirely. And this is why SEO doesn't exist in a vacuum. We need that traffic to CONVERT, right? And with this done-for-you website review, I'll let send you an in-depth recording of exactly what you need to optimize on every single page of your unique site for it to convert at a higher level.

• Online Course With lifetime Access ($2500 Value)

Over 100 recorded lessons guiding you through exactly what needs to get done to book more of your ideal photography clients without ads. Time management, mindset, website design, pricing, sales, client communication, systems, automation, relationships, marketing, SEO, blogging, tools, and way more. It's all in here and proven to work by over 800 photographers in 12 countries around the world. And since you get lifetime* access, even after you have formally graduated - you still get access to the coursework (and the upgrades to it) for as long as it exists so that you can go at your own pace. Easy. Simple. Just what you need.

• 3X-Weekly Mastermind Group Coaching Calls Where You Get 1:1 Attention ($3000+ Value)

As someone who personally isn't typically a fan of group coaching calls, I promise you that "those" group coaching calls aren't these. On these calls, you still get undivided 1:1 attention, mastermind-level support from other incredible photographers, and the ability to have that continued hand-held mentorship support. And whenever you are unable to attend, each call is recorded and uploaded to your student dashboard for viewing at your own time, at your own pace.

Yes, they are group calls - but you still chat with me directly. You will receive the exact blueprint of what needs to get done to reach your very unique, personal goals. This is where we take the above coursework - but then customize the strategy based on your unique market, unique client avatar, unique website -- unique everything. By the end of the call, you will know exactly what needs to get done, why it needs to get done, and how to get it done efficiently - all step-by-step.

• Mastermind Facebook Group for Support Between Calls

Between all of the coaching calls you have access to, you'll also be in the members-only Facebook group  to get even more support. You have questions. We have answers. All in a safe, extremely supportive, drama-free space for photographers.

Yep, a LOT of Coaching

Choose A Desired Level of Coaching Support

3 Months 
$275 x 12 Months
$1500 X 2 MONTHS
Payment Options

• 3 Months Coaching & Support From Me
• Done-For-You SEO Keyword Research
• Done-For-You Web & Content Review
• 3X-WEEKLY mastermind calls Where You Can Get Direct Coaching From Me
• FB Group For Support between calls

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$8500 Actual value
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6 Months
$450 x 12 Months
$1750 X 3 MONTHS
Payment Options

• 6 Months Coaching & Support From Me
• Done-For-You SEO Keyword Research
• Done-For-You Web & Content Review
• 3X-WEEKLY Mastermind Calls Where You Can Get Direct Coaching From Me
• FB Group For Support Between Calls
• Instagram® Growth & Automation course
• Done-For-You Initial Inquiry Response
• Lightroom Preset Pack
• Two (2) total 1:1 coaching calls

Click Here to Enroll into Elite
Elite: $14,000+ Actual value
12 Months
$800 x 12 Months
$3000 X 3 Months

• 12 Months Coaching & Support From Me
• Done-For-You SEO Keyword Research
• Done-For-You Web & Content Review
• 3X-WEEKLY Mastermind Calls Where You Can Get Direct Coaching From Me
• FB Group For Support Between Calls
• Instagram® Growth & Automation Course
• Done-For-You Initial Inquiry Response
• Lightroom Preset Pack
• Four (4) Total 1:1 Coaching Calls
• $500 store credit
• Done-For-You Showit on-page SEO Optimization
• Travel Collaborations Course
• VIP Discount on Future In-Person Workshops/Retreats

Payment Options
Become the  Lighthouse
lighthouse: $20,000+ Actual value

The Best Photography Business Mentorship Coaching Program

that will not only give you what you want, but also what you need. More targeted website traffic, more leads, more bookings, more time with your family, and a better growth mindset.

Time Management & Mindset


Learn how to make more while working less

I'm a lifestyle centered coach - so we wrap your business strategy around your desired lifestyle. And right away, you'll learn the exact steps that now allow me to work less than 5 hours a week - and keep the same amount of clients.

Improve efficiencies


Set goals & make them actually happen

Forget the old ways of goal setting that never work. Here, you'll learn how to set goals that actually get accomplished.

Website conversion


Build a super high-converting website

Your website is your most important marketing tool. Here you'll learn exactly what to do on every single page of your website so you can convert more traffic into leads in your inbox.

pricing & Structure


Level up your brand value & pricing

Literally overnight, learn how to get rid of price shoppers and learn how to price yourself at a rate that balances volume with profit.

sales, systems, Communication & Automation


Convert more leads into bookings

Learn how to convert more of your hard-earned high-quality leads into bookings on your calendar - via email. Yep, really.

Multi-Channel marketing


Learn dozens of ways to get found

Learn the most effective ways to advertise & market your business and learn how to leverage them to increase your authority, brand value, and client confidence. You'll focus on a core 4-5 areas of marketing to have multiple entry points.

Social Media & Relationships


Optimize your social media & referral sales

Learn who to network with, why, and how to strengthen those relationships authentically. Then, semi-automate your efforts wisely to increase your productivity & efficiency via social media.

(Big Focus Here)


In this chapter, we take everything you've learned and put in an actionable system for you to follow. Become an expert at these things, and your business will be solid.

Blogging strategies for more bookings



Ramp up your SEO for targeted traffic

Learn exactly how I generate more than 75% of my high-quality leads using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. All step-by-step in complete plain English.

Tools, Bonuses & Guest Experts


Extra Bonuses & Discounts

In this final chapter, it's all about those awesome extra bonuses. After all, everything is more awesome when it's free. Tools, tips, books, guest speakers... #AllTheThings.

Trust + Action = Results

Enroll into the photography mastermind if you trust me to help improve your results.

Results mean everything. check them out for yourself
Without paid ads

Learn how I built my
Six-Figure Photography business step-by-step

While Working fewer hours
Without relying on Referrals

Together, Let's identify what needs to get done & the priority of it so you can move forward with clarity.

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Kendra • Boise, ID

Went from $40,000 to $80,000 a year!

By following the course and becoming involved with the support group I was able to DOUBLE my income within 5 months of starting Kyle’s photography business course! I have spent thousands on workshops and business courses but NOTHING compares to the quality, actual real life methods of improvement that Kyle implements. He is such an incredible teacher, cheerleader & really knows how to make us all successful. I seriously can not thank him enough!! I went from a 40k to 80k income year & still receiving high quality inquiries for my ideal clients.  

Wes • Toronto, ON

Quit his day job & went full-time!

It has been a game changer! Kyle's [photography business mentorship] & course has taken my passion for the wedding photography industry and focused it into a money maker! I was able to save time learning how to avoid what doesn’t work, and turn leads into dollars. With Kyle's continued support coupled with the community on their own paths, you’ve got this. Kyle's direct approach cuts through all the useless information and gets right to the heart of what you need to know to get your business making money!   

Stephanie • Austin, TX

Booked $20,000+ in one month!

We started to implement things throughout the course as we were going through each chapter. We ended up booking 7 weddings in January which comparatively to the last year we had 0. Even when incorporating the email templates, we made a few thousand more dollars just by having better follow up emails, talking more about budget, and not being afraid to ask about certain things that are typically 'uncomfortable'. One of the biggest takeaways is the strong reminder that we are a BUSINESS and creating more structure and being more business minded has helped us move forward with something that feels more promising for the future of our business. Love the course and LOVE that we have access to a course that is constantly being developed!

Lindsey • Edmonds, WA

DOUBLED her yearly income!

"Kyle's course bundle, [Elevate], has truly transformed the way I run my business. Prior to taking this course, I had designed my business plan based on what I had learned in graduate school in my business classes. After the initial consultation with Kyle, I had a far better understanding of the direction I needed to go than I ever could have learned in grad school. His comprehensive analysis of my current business situation, along with my goals, immediately let me know what I could improve on. Leads started coming in literally the next day. Next, by goal setting and reverse engineering these goals, I began to understand exactly what I wanted from my business and how I was going to get there. I no longer have the mindset of "wow, I hope I can keep my business afloat", but instead "I can and will achieve my dreams". I can't thank Kyle enough for the constant support and direction his course has given me."

Nina • Snohomish, WA

"Getting multiple leads a day!"

[As a hair & makeup artist with a growing team], I needed more brides, I needed more resources to use to help me grow, and I needed to make more money. I needed guidance and I need a good motivating booty kick. So my husband said “well then what do you have to lose booking someone to help you achieve this?” The answer was nothing. Glad I took the leap and invested in myself in this wedding business online course. I get multiple leads a day now. It’s my passion and my new website and my new outlook on everything. I have already booked three quarters of my summer and it’s not even half-way through January. Kyle is incredibly knowledgeable and packed with tips, advice, and the best needed tough love. Glad I’m here.

Meg • Abilene, TX

"More than worth the investment."

I'm only less than halfway through Kyle's wedding business course & workshop and it has already completely changed the way I view my business. He has provided so many helpful resources like email templates and worksheets. The best part about the course is that the mentoring/coaching doesn't stop! He's provided a group where you can ask all of the questions that come up either early or later on in your business. He continually challenges us and gives us information on what he is learning and implementing in his own business. I'm grateful for the community and the crazy amount of information he provided for me. You have to invest money to make it, and this course is already MORE THAN worth the investment. 

Don't just take my word for it. 

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What Makes Me qualified to Be Your Photography Business Coach/Mentor, you Ask?

Hi! I'm Kyle Goldie, multi-passionate entrepreneur, Photographer, Educator, traveler, and total data-nerd.

With 14+ years of experience & having coached 800+ Photographers around the world, I’ve seen it all.

Hey! I'm Kyle Goldie. A business guy & marketing pro turned fashion photographer, portrait photographer, fine art photographer, wedding photographer, educator, consultant, and creator. Yep, that was a mouthful. And if you're multi-passionate like me, you might get it. After all, I've been a photographer since 2008.

If you’re sick of feeling financially stressed as you grow your business, because you don’t really know where your next ideal client booking is coming from, I’ve got you. Just like I've mentored and coached THOUSANDS of photographers before you.

If you’re tired of hearing crickets after they inquire, I’ve (still) got you. I can help you convert those ghosts into clients. Yep. For real.

I’ve been in the trenches of closing leads and smart marketing for over 14 years, and after applying all I knew to my own business and booking myself out for years, I started teaching other pros (of all types) exactly what I did. 

In this program, you will learn everything from the basics to the super advanced - it's literally all in here.

It can help you make more money, become super clear on strategy, and help you work fewer hours per week so you can get back to spending time with your loved ones.  I'm all about that work-life balance as a lifestyle-centered business coach.

And now, I want to teach you exactly WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHY - so you never blindly follow another business coach ever again. 

FAQs & Answers

Q: Who does this photography coaching program work for?

A: Wedding, elopement & all sorts of portrait photographers. Yep, seriously.

There are very successful photographers, videographers, planners, venue owners, hair & makeup artists, florists, DJs, and more that absolutely crush it after taking action on what they learned (and continue to learn) in this course. If you want to see more testimonials than are found on this page, just check out the reviews page over HERE.

Q: At What career level is this best for?

A: Literally any level. Students have joined when they have never booked a job before, and other students have joined when they are already earning six-figures in their business. Both levels (and everything in between) have benefited from the material in the program. It's meant for everybody. It's quite literally my A-Z about everything I have learned in my career as a photographer in various industries & as a wedding professional. I don't hold anything back. So, no matter if you're just launching or if you're wanting to dial in systems to improve your work-life balance, this can help you do that.

Q: I live outside of the United States. Will this apply to me where I live?

A: Yes, 99% of the program will apply to where you live. The 1% is culture and society-related. There are students in the program from all around the world. There are members from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, ... you name it. It's worked for them. It can work for you, too.

Q: How long do I get access to the course program & community for support?

A: With lifetime access to the course bundle, you have access as long as the courses exist. During that time, you will have access to all the content, the upgrades, and the student community. Your coaching support lasts as long as the program you enrolled in.

Q: If I get stuck in a lesson, can I get help?

A: Yes, absolutely! That's what a mastermind is all about. Bring your question to your upcoming call or simply post it in the Inner Circle members group for support. Lots of options exist for you.

Q: Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

A: No. Due to the nature and time involvement in coaching and done-for-you services, there are no refunds of any kind. That said, I'm confident you won't want one (based on the results of former clients and students alike).

Q: When will the mentorship coaching calls take place and what happens if I can't make them all?

A: The coaching call times will be chosen based on popular vote of the mastermind members after hopping in. If you cannot make a particular time or day for the group coaching calls, make sure to ask your questions PRIOR to the call and I will do my best to answer it during the call so you can watch the recording. And for your 1:1 coaching calls, simply schedule a time when you're available. Easy. Valuable. Epic.

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