The Most Versatile, Most Skin-Focused Lightroom Presets Out There

I actually guarantee you'll love them - or I'll give your money back in full
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The 'Goldie Signature' Preset Difference:

• The presets can be applied to any time of day, any lighting scenario, any scene. (So, you can get rid of your old pack that has 12-20 presets for all those different scenes, which still require you to do a bunch of tweaking). The signature preset can be used for morning, noon, night, inside, outside, shade, direct sun, grass, brick, natural light, flash, sparklers, -- yes, literally anything. It took me YEARS to develop a single preset that looked amazing in every possible scenario.

• The presets aren't focused on trends. These presets focus on timeless appeal with a modern approach. They focus on SKIN tones.

• They help give a consistency to your brand, help make your clients happy, and help increase your perceived brand value.

• Having a singular preset (you'll get two, but I primarily only use one) will help you spend less time in front of the computer. Simply, you won't need to be agonizing over getting those skin tones just right. These presets will help you get there very quickly - you just need to set the white balance and exposure - and presto.

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Just a few examples using the preset in different lighting conditions.

Again, there's a money-back guarantee!
(I'm that confident that you'll love it)

Before & After Examples

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