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You already have a Showit site you love. You just want to make it better.

Better in the way it looks, or better in the way it converts, optimizing your SEO site structure, or all of the above.  Either way, that's what this Showit website refresher is for. 

Whether you are looking for your template to be optimized further for conversion or your on-page SEO elements to be dialed in (or both) - the options are below.

Done-for-you Website Help

Showit Website Refresh

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With the basic refresh option, you have me for up to two (2) hours of total time. And believe me, I can get a lot done in two hours. That said, this option is right for you if you are looking for basic website design fixes to polish things up OR your on-page SEO elements to be dialed in further. Not both. I plainly need more time to do both things. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you get a Showit website template from my store, the basic refresh option is great if you are wanting to optimize your on-page SEO and just outsource that task. That said - if you have a template (or custom design) from someone else, there may be more work required to fix/optimize things that take additional time at an additional rate (inquire if you are curious about how long yours might take)

$1000 • Up to 2 Hours
up to 12 pages in total

Basic Refresh

Book It!

Get this if you are serious about wanting help. Period.

With the VIP refresh, you have me for up to four (4) hours of total time within your website. And within this time, I can do literally anything you are wanting me to work on.  Very commonly, these are things like your on-page SEO (titles, meta descriptions, SEO tag structure, internal link structure, etc), your website framework customization for conversion, as well as any other unique customization requests to help your website convert more of your hard-earned traffic into leads in your inbox.

PLEASE NOTE: If you get a Showit website template from my store, this option can normally bring you pretty darn close to the finish line of just getting it live. That said - if you get a template from someone else's store, it may require a lot more work that is required that is beyond the scope and rate of what is included here. I can do the work, but it may cost more money to get it towards the finish line. (HINT: Cheap templates are normally cheap for a reason.) Extra hours (if desired) are billed at $300/hour in 30-minute increments.

$1800 • up to a Half-Day
Up to 12 pages in total

VIP Refresh

What's The Difference Between The VIP & The Basic Refresh?