SEO Keyword Research for Photographers

I'll find the best Photography Keywords for you so that you know exactly what content to create on your site to drive more traffic from your ideal photography clients.

Photographers! Do you want more leads from Google®? If so, you need to know what your ideal clients are actually Googling for with proper SEO keywords for photographers. Period.  Then, you need to create content around that as part of your organic marketing strategy.

Skip the hassles and all the courses... just let me just do it for you. I'll tell you the rough volume, the competition to rank organically for it, the priority phrases you should be trying to rank for, and through all of this - you will have the total clarity on knowing what to do for your content marketing calendar.

Stop guessing at what to do. I'll do your keyword research for you, which will tell you exactly what to content you should be creating on your website. Get this if you're serious about improving your organic lead generation using Google® as your go-to lead source.

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How Important Are SEO Keywords for Photographers?

In short, finding your proper photography keywords is crucial to you getting booked by clients searching on Google

Without knowing the proper SEO keywords for your service area and your ideal client avatar, you won't truly know what keywords to try to rank for beyond the absolute basics. As an example, you may know to try to rank for your local area + your job title, but what beyond it? What should your other pages be titled to not keyword cannibalize? What should your photography-centered blogs be about to drive in new targeted traffic on autopilot?

You need local-centered SEO keyword research for your photography business. The service area that you are wanting to work in as a photographer. My team and I research thousands upon thousands of keyword opportunities, categorize the niches, highlight the keywords found with volume, then deliver you a document worth far more than what it costs.

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Common Questions About The Photography Keyword Research

Q: How many SEO keywords for photographers do you typically deliver?

I do my best to uncover the primary photography-related keywords that your ideal client is searching for in your primary service areas (within your state/province). It's not uncommon for me to deliver 2,000+ lines of keyword data for photographers. The goal here is to have you get clarity about knowing exactly what to do for your SEO content marketing strategy moving forward. No more guessing about what to blog about & what to try to rank for.

Q: When will i receive the SEO keywords back?

A: Usually within a single week, but the variable is your unique photography service area and what's required. No two areas are identical. What I do promise is that it will be delivered as soon as it's ready and professionally completed.

Q: Will you tell me how to use the keyword data?

A: Great question. And to set expectations, the short answer is no. That's the purpose of getting a coach. If you're not sure how to analyze keyword data, hop into my coaching program instead - where this keyword research service is provided for FREE as a bonus of hopping in.

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