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How Much Can You Earn?

The exact amount is honestly up to you and how much (and how well) you share the good word. Below, you'll see some examples of how much you can potentially earn from being an affiliate of one of my programs valued at $3,000 USD. I even give you an example of how much you can earn if you sell just ONE of that particular thing in a given day. And depending on your level as an affiliate, sky is the limit.

1/Day x 30 days




The above figures are simply examples of the potential that you can earn as an affiliate. There are no guarantees of any kind that you will make this level of income, but this is the real potential if you promote effectively. And one of the best benefits for you as an affiliate - you have to do none of the fulfillment or customer service. That's all on me.

Making More Sales? Get Paid More.

Simply put, the affiliate software tracks how many sales you are making. And as you cross each threshold, you get paid incrementally more per sale.


Commonly Asked

1. How do I earn money As an Affiliate?

By simply sharing the good word about what I have to offer from an authentic standpoint. You can write blog posts, include on a resources page, share in a Facebook® group, save as a highlight in your Instagram® stories, put into your email sequences to your audience, include into your podcast, and so many other ways. And if you sign up as an affiliate, I'll share more ways in details as a piece of free training to help you promote effectively and on autopilot. But simply put - you need to generate the lead, handle the conversion yourself, and simply direct them to where they pay -- without them having to have conversations with me. If they have to have conversations with me directly, this is simply a referral instead of a true affiliate sale, and the commission treated differently.

2. When & How would I get paid?

Each digital product/service is set up a little differently. For some products, you get paid out automatically right when the sale occurs. Other products are paid out on a delay after the money-back guarantee window passes. Either way, it's handled 100% automatically and you can track all of it yourself through your very own affiliate portal. The money itself is paid to you directly via PayPal.

3. Can i promote without being a customer?

The short answer - yes, you absolutely can. For example, I don't expect you to buy a website template of mine simply to promote mine when you already have a gorgeous site of your own. Make sense? I only ask you come from a place of authenticity. And if you ever have any questions about anything I offer, simply reach out to me at any time. I'm always here to help.

4. What are the terms & Conditions of being An affiliate?

You can visit the full affiliate terms & conditions page here. As long as you can agree to the super, super basic stuff, we're all good to go. You just need to get started by creating your application through the bold button on this page. And when you do, I'll send you everything you need to hit the ground running. There are no guarantees that you'll make any specific level of income, but I guarantee you won't make anything if you don't become an affiliate. So, help spread the good word & help others get clarity!

5. What's the Difference between a 5% Payout and a 10, 20 or even 40% Payout?

The number of sales you get without the end customer/client getting on a call with me. Whenever I need to personally hop on a call or spend additional time with a lead prior to their purchase, the affiliate percentage is reduced (or eliminated) due to the you (the affiliate) not really being a true affiliate - but instead just being a referral. A true affiliate makes the sale without the need for me to do anything - which is why some affiliate percentages are as high as 40% (a near equal partner). If you have any questions regarding this, please use the contact form on my website and let's chat. Let's form a win-win-win. The more sales you get, the higher commission you get.

6. What's the difference between a Full affiliate Commission VS. a Basic Referral?

As a true affiliate, you are fully responsible for the lead creation, the lead conversion & the full sale process (other than payment processing, of course). If you simply tag me in a group or drop my name in a conversation in passing, that does NOT qualify as an affiliate commission. That is simply a referral. All referrals are at the sole discretion of Kyle Goldie to disperse commission to the referrer or not. To receive a full, proper, automated affiliate commission - you must have your affiliate sale come directly from your affiliate link & without Kyle Goldie having to do any sales calls or conversations with the person you referred.  Get them to use your link without a conversation with me, Kyle Goldie, to earn a full, proper affiliate commission. Just spreading the good word is just a kind act and does not qualify an affiliate commission. I am very thankful, regardless. Sincerely. (The purpose of paying out affiliate commissions is to save me time. So, my saved time = your paid income.)