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Private 1:1 Coaching for creative entrepreneurs who are serious about wanting to hit the next level in an accelerated way.

$500 per 1:1 session

1:1 Private Business Coaching for Photographers, Wedding Pros, Course Creators, & other Creative Bosses 

$2000 FOR A Bundle Course + Coaching Package

Learn how to ramp up your business, get more of your ideal customers, and get the extra accountability (& support) you need to hit the next level.

And yes, make more money.

Level up your life & business

Get the clarity you need.
Without the fluff.

Get clarity on strategy and learn how to make more money & work fewer hours in your business.

Let's cut straight to it, shall we? Because that's always what I promise you. No fluff.

I have been a serial entrepreneur since I was in my early teens, finding myself working in various industries: weddings, fashion, photography, wine, online education, real estate, digital marketing, eCommerce, and after all this time -- the things I have found that I enjoy the most is helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

I've also worked as the Creative Director for multi-million dollar brands, studio manager for an international eCommerce business, I was was the Vice President of Sales for a lingerie brand, and I've been formally trained with a Bachelors of Business Management. In addition, my work has been seen in publications like Esquire, Maxim, Playboy, Harpers Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveler, Cosmopolitan, and more.

So whether you are just starting out or you're trying to scale your six-figure business... I've been there, and I can help you get the clarity you're looking for and the strategy to help push you to that sought-after next level.

I've created the Inner Circle to give you an edge up on the education, support, and accountability you need so that you can make more money & more impact.

So, join the Inner Circle today. There's no minimum commitment. Come for the fun, stick around for the support, value, and results.

My experience

With 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience across multiple industries,
I’ve seen & experienced a LOT.

I'm Kyle!

You want extra support, extra clarity, and bigger results, right?
This is how.

Level up your life & business

To learn the kind of results I help members achieve. 

Just press play!

Join The Inner Circle!

Only $49/month

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The Inner Circle


When it comes to your business, nothing is more important than gaining clarity on strategy so that you can simply implement what needs to get done at ANY and ALL stages of business. Period.

That's the most valuable thing of all. And that's why I created the inner circle. Simply put, I want to help you understand #AllTheThings that are meant to build your business so that you can make more impact, more money, and improve the lifestyle for you and your family.

The Inner Circle is right for you if:
• You want clarity on knowing what to do & why.
• You want extra accountability and support in your business.
• You want to increase your profits ... while working fewer hours
• You want to be a part of a supportive community.
• You are serious about taking action and taking control of your business.
• You are ready to engage with the community.
• You want more freedom.

It's not right for you if:
• You expect overnight success (that doesn't exist).
• You create excuses why you can't do something.
• You aren't an action taker.

Don't just take my word for it. 

See what members have said.

Gone are the days where you don't have clarity on knowing what to do.

Gone are the days where you are confused about what to do in order to hit that next level in your business.

Listen, there's a lot of misinformation found online. And yes, I'm talking about all those Facebook™ group posts you see every day, blogs you might find through Google™, or those videos you're watching on YouTube™.

And all while you're going at it alone (or in courses that don't give support), there are other business owners in your niche who are absolutely crushing it.

I want you to be given a tied, tested, and true path that actually works.

In any size town - even if it's completely saturated where you are.

From a technical standpoint, I'm here to tell you that it's not about being more talented in order to increase your sales. You just really need to have the biz side of things on lock. 

You want more quality traffic to your business.

You want more quality leads. 

You want higher conversions to book more of those leads on your calendar.

You want to build systems & automation so you can work FEWER hours per week along the way.

You want financial freedom.

You want time freedom.

You want to improve your lifestyle for you and your family.

The Inner Circle is designed to help you achieve all of that. It's the "next level" in support with your unique business.

It’s not like you expect overnight success with all this. You know building a business is gonna take some work—and you’re relentless when you get an idea in your head: you don’t WANT to hear a million suggestions of what might work for you. Nope. Hard pass. Instead, you’d like the no-holds-barred, cut-the-crap how-to, step-by-step blueprint on what works. All with personalized attention.

If that sounds like you, this is for you. This is exactly what you need right now.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month or next quarter. Now.

Stop burning your money with bad educators.

Do your due diligence.

Invest into the right education that helps you solve your problems with the right people who give you the support you need.

Join The Inner Circle!

Only $49/month

No Limits!

So, what topics are covered?

Literally any question that comes up in your mind, let's talk about it! Whether you're just starting out, trying to scale up, or wanting to start ramping up systems & automation so that you can improve your work-life balance... nothing is off the table in this group.

And all for less than the cup of coffee a day.

That's right! There are NO LIMITS to the types of conversations in the Inner Circle!

High-level support for only $1.63 per day!

By following the course and becoming involved with the support group I was able to DOUBLE my income within 5 months of starting Kyle’s course! I have spent thousands on workshops and business courses but NOTHING compares to the quality, actual real life methods of improvement that Kyle implements. He is such an incredible teacher, cheerleader & really knows how to make us all successful. I seriously can not thank him enough!! I went from a 40k to 80k income year & still receiving high quality inquiries for my ideal clients.  

"I went from $40,000 to $80,000 in 5 months!"


[Kyle's education & support ] has been a game changer! Kyles course has taken my passion for the wedding photography industry and focused it into a money maker! I was able to save time learning how to avoid what doesn’t work, and turn leads into dollars. With Kyle's continued support ..., you’ve got this. Kyle's direct approach cuts through all the useless information and gets right to the heart of what you need to know to get your business making money!   

"Game changer." "Money maker."
"Leads into dollars."


"Kyle's [education] has truly transformed the way I run my business. Prior to taking this course, I had designed my business plan based on what I had learned in graduate school in my business classes. After the initial consultation with Kyle, I had a far better understanding of the direction I needed to go than I ever could have learned in grad school. His comprehensive analysis of my current business situation, along with my goals, immediately let me know what I could improve on. Leads started coming in literally the next day. Next, by goal setting and reverse engineering these goals, I began to understand exactly what I wanted from my business and how I was going to get there. I no longer have the mindset of "wow, I hope I can keep my business afloat", but instead "I can and will achieve my dreams". I can't thank Kyle enough for the constant support and direction his course has given me."



When we have questions we know we have Kyle plus the whole group to bounce ideas off of and then we see results once we implement them. This program has given us the confidence to continue to build our business to the next level. If I could say what the biggest take away has been after learning all that is offered is that our business has value and we can now work out of that mindset and continue to grow and serve our couples even better. He not only helped our wedding business - he helped our commercial business as well.

"A cornerstone in the growth of our business... it's given us confidence to build our business to the next level." 

Kelsey & Justin

It has already completely changed the way I view my business. He's provided a group where you can ask all of the questions that come up either early or later on in your business. He continually challenges us and gives us information on what he is learning and implementing in his own business. I'm grateful for the community and the crazy amount of information he provided for me. You have to invest money to make it.

"It has completely changed the way I view my business." "MORE THAN WORTH THE INVESTMENT."


Kyle is perfect if you're looking for coaching to help your business grow! I truly appreciate that his honest feedback is direct. It's exactly what I need. It helped me to grow and my business... All of his tools & lessons work. and they are the greatest resources that will benefit YOU! THANK YOU, KYLE!

"Without Kyle's course, I would not be able to succeed. All of his lessons and tools [simply] work."

Wedding PLanner

[Kyle] lines out a clear path to booking more clients. Really takes a lot of the heavy lifting off of your plate. At the same time, he challenges you to be creative and really think about how you want to brand yourself whilst creating a pathway to do it... The group provides easy solutions to common workflow issues, marketing etc... I would highly recommend utilizing all of the tools in this course and the priceless guidance and experience that Kyle brings. The return on investment is a no brainer. 

"Easy solutions." "Priceless experience & guidance." "The ROI is a no brainer."


I needed more [clients], I needed more resources to use to help me grow, and I needed to make more money. I needed guidance and I need a good motivating booty kick. So my husband said “well then what do you have to lose booking someone to help you achieve this?” The answer was nothing. Glad I took the leap and invested in myself. I get multiple leads a day now. It’s my passion and my new website and my new outlook on everything. I have already booked three quarters of my summer and it’s not even half-way through January. Kyle is incredibly knowledgeable and packed with tips, advice, and the best needed tough love. Glad I’m here.

"Multiple leads a day."
"Packed with advice tips, and the best needed tough love."

Hair & Makeup Artist

It has been nothing but helpful and is worth every penny. I’m very much a photographer and not a very good marketer and am not good at time management and Kyle’s course completely guides my path in that department!" "Even though all of us in the FB group are spread across the country/world, it feels like a community and no question is too outlandish! Kyle also works SO HARD to make the course the best it can be and revises it and adds lessons often." "We ask a lot of questions and either Kyle or someone in the group who’s already been there can answer you and offer feedback. Seriously so highly recommended!! I started the course in summer/fall of 2017 and 2018 was my most successful year I've been in business. Now in early 2019, the success is continuing! I still regularly refer back to Kyle's course to help guide me as my business grows.  "

"It's worth every penny."


Kyle Goldie’s course is absolutely amazing! I really needed someone to tell me exactly how to book more brides and that’s exactly what he did!. I’m so glad I found this. Since purchasing his course I have booked a ton more weddings and I booked them mostly through email (without meeting the clients first)! If you put in the time and really do everything he says... YOU will have success too!

"Since purchasing his course I have booked a ton more [clients] and I book them mostly through email!"



Q: Who does the Inner Circle work for?

A: All types of creative entrepreneurs. Yep, seriously. That includes you. So, whether you are building your photography business, launching an online course, wanting to book more couples in your wedding business, wanting to improve your SEO, your perceived brand, your time management, systems, automation, marketing, social media presence... and the list goes on & on... if you have a business that generates online leads & sales, the Inner Circle is designed for you. This is where to get the extra support outside of the DIY courses that I have available for enrollment.

Q: At what stage of business is this best for?

A: Entrepreneurs have joined when they are just opening, and othes have joined when they are already earning six figures in their business and just want to scale up with clarity. Both levels (and everything in between) have benefited from the support in the Inner Circle. It's meant for everybody. It's quite literally my A-Z about everything I have learned in my 20+ years as an entrepreneur having worked in multiple industries with success.

Q: I live outside of the United States. Will this apply to me where I live?

A: Yes, 99% of the education will apply to where you live. 1% is culture and society-related. I have coached entrepreneurs from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, ... you name it. It's worked for them. It can work for you, too.

Q: How long do I get access to the Inner Circle for support?

A: You have access for as long as the Inner Circle exists and as long as your payments stay current, but there is no commitment... which means you can cancel anytime. The more Q&A coaching calls you attend (or catch the recording from), and the more questions you ask inside of the group, the more value you receive. So, ask questions!

Q: How will I get support in the Inner Circle, and how often?

A: I hold weekly Q&A group coaching calls on Thursdays. Ask me literally any question you have, and let's dive deep. And even if you can't attend a certain call, just catch the recording so that you still get all the value! And those that I have coached before know that I am frequently inside of the members-only Facebook™ group giving extra support and value as often as I can be - just as a bonus.

Q: Is the Inner Circle a course?

A: No. It's a support group where you receive intimate, personalized coaching that's unique to your business. If you would like to check out my online courses, please visit the COURSES HERE. You can totally be in both the course(s) and the Inner Circle if you want the step-by-step lessons AND get the extra-level support along the way! Choose one, the other, or both! Your call. Ask questions, get help. I often go live at least once per week in the Inner Circle!

Q: I'm in one (or a few) of your courses, is this where I get extra support?

A: Yes, definitely! This membership group answers all of the questions from all of my courses. So, there's no need for multiple high-level support groups. This Inner Circle mastermind gives you extra time and attention from me to help answer your questions outside of the DIY course(s) that you're in. And if you are wanting 1:1 attention, that's the VIP 1:1 coaching calls. 

Q: Just so I'm clear, what level of support do I get in each?

A: DIY courses that I offer have different levels of support , but since they are DIY, they typically come with the least amount of support (but the most advanced step-by-step instructions) - especially when compared to the Inner Circle or the VIP 1:1 coaching calls. I would personally recommend to start with one of my courses, and then opt-in to the Inner Circle for extra support, should you choose you would like that ongoing support for your business.

As low as only $49 today!