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Done-For-You SEO Ghostwriting Services

There are a LOT of ghostwriter services out there. And a lot of them cost less than what we charge (some are more).  But that said, many ghostwriters do not write for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have that content targeted to YOUR ideal client. And that's very specifically what makes us different as SEO ghostwriters.

Many ghostwriters simply write content for SEO to drive super generic traffic to your site, then claim it's working when they see your Google Analytics spike. Well, that doesn't mean anything if it's 1) not targeted to your local area(s) that you are wanting to be found in, and 2) not targeted to your ideal client who you want to work with.

This service starts with the absolute foundation of SEO research (a requirement to book the blogging service), and every single piece of content that is written is backed by analytical data.

With that real-world data of what your audience is actually searching for within Google each month - combined with the competition of that particular keyword - we formulate a strategy to create content for your blog.

Sounds like a mouthful, right? Well, it sort of is. But let us do the deep dive on SEO for your website content. No more courses are needed when it's just done for you, am I right?  Not to mention your improved work-life balance.

Any questions - just message me. I'm here to help.

How much would you make if you booked even a SINGLE CLIENT from additional targeted blog traffic?

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Bottom Line...

Book 4 SEO-driven articles at a time
for only $200 each

Book It!

Remember, SEO Research is *required* to book this service.