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A super clean & modern ShowIt Website Template

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Who's This Website Template Right For?

Portrait & wedding Photographers who want a more minimalistic aesthetic to their design

Yes, the template has wedding photos in it as the placeholder, but the template looks absolutely stunning with BOTH wedding & portrait work inside of it. Simply just change the photos into your own and presto - gorgeous new website. Easy.

Portfolio 1
Portfolio 2

1. Pages You'll Get

Blog Single Post
Blog 404
Page 404
Privacy Policy
Instagram® Links Page

The ShowIt platform is AMAZING. Customize nearly anything you want with a simple drag & drop. No coding experience necessary! And simply reach out to the ShowIt support crew anytime with questions. They're awesome.

2. No Website Coding Necessary

That's right! You get to blog using the incredible Wordpress platform. And the ShowIt team can help you get it all set up so you can get started blogging quickly!

3. Wordpress Blog

4. FREE Online Course for Your Template!


With your template purchase, you will also get instant access to a template-specific video-walkthrough online course so that you know how to change elements on the fly. How's that for value??

Inside of the course, I will have video walkthroughs for every single page. And the ShowIt support crew is always there for you to answer questions!

So, What Makes These ShowIt Website Templates Different?

the Templates are SEO ready.

The basic overall structure of the website and the SEO structure (header tags, paragraph tags, etc) are all done for you. No more extra H1-H3 tags on each page. (If you need extra help with SEO, I can help you).

The design is conversion-focused.

The designs are very well thought out with one idea in mind - results. After all, a "pretty website" doesn't mean anything if it doesn't help convert website visitors into actual leads.

Easy to hit "publish" and have a new & Improved website & brand perceived value within hours, not days.

Over the years, I have bought and used a lot of website templates. And one thing I've noticed is that many of them still require a lot of customized tweaking. I don't want that for you. Simply change out the images to your own, add in your logo, customer reviews, social proof, and presto. New awesome website.

Time is Money.

These templates are all built with two things in mind.
1) To help you convert more of your website traffic into leads.
2) To help you save time. After all, time is the most valuable thing we have. These templates require VERY little customization. Just drop in your photos and create your own copy.

Common FAQs

Q: Can this work for what I shoot?

A: Yes. It's designed to work for both wedding & portrait photographers - of all types. So, simply just change the placeholder photos and text into your own. 

Q: How easy is Showit to use?

A: There's a learning curve with any platform, but it's the easiest platform to use of any I've had over the last 13+ years. Drag, drop, done. And I've designed these templates to be as easy as humanly possible for you to get your new website live quickly.

Q: Can you just get it launched for me?

A: I certainly can. Just reach out to me using my contact form and let's chat about it. 

Q: How quickly can my new website be live once I buy the design?

A: Within a single day if you already have your portfolio and brand content ready to rock 'n roll. When I say I make these templates easy and "ready" - I mean it. The biggest variable is how fast you take action.

Q: Do I need to buy anything else?

A: This design includes custom fonts, of which you'll need to buy the webfont license for (about $40 total). The links to the fonts are provided in the email you'll received when you purchase.

Chicago / Illinois

A ShowIt Website Template