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And for those who care more about business growth than just "followers."

This course is for those who don't want to spend all day every day on IG.

(especially if you don't like social media and want to automate your strategy as much as possible!)

The Ultimate Instagram® for Photographers - Business Course

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The Instagram® for Business course is:

What's Inside?


Quickstart Guide to Your Personal Brand Growth & optimization

Get started on your amazing path to big growth in under 24 hours. Start here then move forward to hit your growth & monetization goals for your personal brand!



How to Optimize Your Account to be Found Organically

Learn how to increase your chances of being found in your local market or within your demographic during those incredibly important organic searches! Then leverage that new structure into leads.



How to Monetize Your Instagram Account

Here, you will learn the various ways you can monetize your Instagram account and how to drive that crucial traffic including sponsorships, strategic sponsorships, and selling your products and/or services.



How to Grow Your Instagram  Account Organically

Now that you will have learned the structure to be found, it's time to multiply that growth through these very specific strategies. Most people use 3 strategies. Here, you will learn over 10 different, effective strategies to grow your account.



How to AUTOMATE Your Account for Systemized Content Marketing & Growth

Yep! I love automation, scheduling the right kind of content to attract REAL, TARGETED followers on autopilot for your personal brand. Learn how, step-by-step.



(Worth more than the course itself)

Epic additional content worth their weight in gold. Learn how to find company email addresses, how to run giveaways/contests, and way more.


Simply put, everything inside of this course is designed entirely for you to get results while SPENDING THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME actually logged into Instagram®. Use this course as a step-by-step guide on how to use your Instagram® account for business - not for vanity.

After many years on the platform, I quite simply  wanted to create something very easy to follow to grow & monetize personal brand accounts. (The strategies to grow those "viral repost" accounts are very different.)

It took me over three YEARS to develop out this system, and now you can have it for virtually pennies. Bottom line, it's the exact step-by-step system for both growth and monetization.

This course is right for you if:
😎 You have a personal brand that generates original content
✅ You want to build your perceived authority in your field
💸 You want more leads from Instagram®
💰 You want to monetize your personal brand account 
💵 You want more sponsorships, free products & services
⏰ You want to stop spending so much time on the platform, but still be super productive with it (yes, this program helps reduce your time spent on IG by utilizing automation & some [optional] bots.)
🔑You're ready to stop guessing at how to organically grow your account and simply get the results you've been wanting


I was at about 1500 followers in August before I started the Instagram for Business course. I’m now at almost 8500, should hit 10,000 by the end of the year. I also started a 2nd travel account that I have about 1700 followers less than a month after starting it. I also booked a $3000 wedding from an Instagram inquiry 2 weeks ago, my 2nd wedding at my own wedding venue (I have 2 now for next year at that venue: 1 photo & 1 video). It’s an in to getting more weddings at this venue which could be thousands of dollars a year (They do a lot of weddings there every year). I’ve had more inquiries from Instagram but some have been price shoppers, and some I’ve been unavailable for. 100% worth every penny! That one wedding brought in 10x what I paid for the course, and it’s only the beginning.

"That one [job] brought in 10x what I paid for the course, and it’s only the beginning."


Started only 2 months ago with about 3K followers that were definitely not my clients and 70% male demographic ( big problem because males aren't usually the ones sending inquiries). Bought into the [Instagram® for Business] program and as of today (two months of putting in work ), I just crossed 10k real organic followers, had 5 leads ( one that booked the rest I was unavailable ) and a product shoot. My Instagram® demographic is also now at 54% female / 46% male. Not only is the ROI there, but I also have a steady stream of others in the industry near me ( planners, make up artists, videographers ) who are wanting to meet so it has a great networking effect too. That's 7,000 real, targeted followers in only 2 months! WHAT!

"7,000 real, targeted followers in ONLY TWO MONTHS!"


I was stuck, constantly posting and only getting a few followers a week. I had never gotten a single inquiry and I didn’t see the value in Instagram as a tool to help build my business. 

Now after only a few short months I have grown from 1181 followers to almost 7000 REAL followers in my area. I am getting inquiries through Instagram now and I now have more social validation when people check out my account. I am turning my small investment into big dollars and by this time next year I will be the largest Instagram account in my area! Further validating my position as a wedding professional in my market! All thanks to Kyle and the Instagram® for Business course!

"I am turning my small investment into big dollars."


I was stuck at about 3600-3700 followers for about a year and declining at some points. Once I got the program, I immediately implemented what was in the course. Now, I'm growing about 1k followers a week! Going to hit 7k in a day or so. And 10,000 followers in a week or two.

I had about 5-7 inquiries within the time frame. And it's [only] been about a month if not less since I joined... The ROI... definitely worth it!!

"I'm growing about 1,000 FOLLOWERS a WEEK!"


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Q: Who does this Course work for?

A: Anyone who has a personal brand account on Instagram (accounts that generate unique, original content). So, this primarily works for small businesses and solopreneurs. Especially creatives business owners like photographers (of all types), wedding pros (of all types), coaches & consultants, bloggers, influencers, and the list goes on and on.

Q: Do I need to be an Instagram expert to get use out of this course?

A: Not at all. This course is for seasoned pros as well as people who are brand new to Instagram®. 

Q: Do I need to run a business to take this course?

A: Business owners will get the most out of this program, but it is not a requirement to enroll.

Q: How long do I get access to the course?

A: You will get unlimited, lifetime access to the course content so you can go at your own pace (as long as the course exists).

Q: Why don't I see you post much on Instagram®?

A: I get asked this one most often of all. And it's because I think the platform itself can be a bit toxic. (Maybe you think the same?) So, I spend the majority of my time building relationships with my ideal clients, helping my students & members of my paid communities, and spending my time with family. That said, I still make money from connections made from Instagram® - and in this course, you will learn exactly what I do that allows me to do that without being on the platform very much.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: That entirely depends on the current status of your account, your unique goals, how great you are with sales communication, and what your marketing funnel is like. This course is meant to give you the start to the path on Instagram® to generate more business for yourself. And that's the way I like doing business using Instagram. Grab their attention on the platform, and close that business away from the platform.

Q: How can I get support and questions answered?

A: If you are wanting support from me directly, that is why I have my coaching program available. The DIY courses that I create are to give you a step-by-step action plan that you can implement easily.

Q: Why don't your accounts have loads of followers?

A: Because I don't care about followers. I care about leads in my business, dollars in my business bank account, and the impact that I am able to create OFF of the platform. I simply use Instagram® as a top-end to my marketing funnel, which is what I will teach you how to do as well using the information in the course.

Q: Is there a guarantee or money-back policy?

A: Yes there is. But you have to do the work (which is what it takes to succeed with the info), but I am so confident in the course material that I do offer a full money-back guarantee. Just show me you've applied what's taught in the course, and if you don't find it valuable, I'll give you a full refund. That said, I think you'll want to stick around - especially if you actually take action on whats inside and trust in the process.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to know how confident I am in the course material that's inside here. 

Enroll today, hop inside, apply the material.

If you don't find it valuable, just get in touch within 2 weeks, show me what you've applied, and if you really think it won't move your business forward, I'll happily give you a full refund.

That said, not a single student has ever asked for one.

Why? The results they get when they apply the strategies inside.

Because it's worth way more than what I'm charging for it.

But now you have literally zero risk to try it out for yourself.

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