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Travel hack your way to bucket list destinations

Let's set the foundation to getting towards hitting your travel goals, and let's set that foundation FAST.



Collaborating with Hotel & Travel Brands

Learn how to find & collaborate with hotel & travel brands around the world. These options are great for content creators!




Learn my favorite tools, resources, software programs, aggregators, and so much more. You want deals, this is exactly what we do to find them.



Paid Methods to Save Money & Find Amazing Deals

Learn where to spend money to SAVE money. It's all about your return on investment, right? Here, you'll learn how we find resorts for 50-90% off with no work involved.


Ava & Patryk

Tulum, Mexico | Destination wedding

Morgan & Jon

PNW | Whidbey Island wedding

ChenHsi & Joe

Cancun, Mexico | Destination Wedding

Liz & Phil

PNW | Fremont Foundry Wedding

Michelle & Cole

PNW | Admiral's House Wedding

Kaitlyn & Anthony

PNW | woodmark hotel Wedding

Emma & Sal

PNW | Crystal Mountain Wedding


tiffany & jackson

The 4 Chapters

Frequently asked questions

A: This works for anyone who loves to travel and who wants to save money traveling. Period. It helps everyone! Families, solo, romantic, adventurous, you name it. If you just want to find great deals, this can help you find those deals.

Q: Who is this for / who does it help?

A: It totally depends on you. There are things that you can implement for free, and there are things you have to purchase There are ways you can learn how to collaborate with hotels & travel brands if you are a content creator, but there are other lessons in the program that will teach you how to simply find the best deals. And yes, some of those methods require you to pay into third-party subscriptions or memberships. They aren't required to use, but they can help save you a lot of money.

Real Example: One single PAID method helped save my wife and I $4,000 on a single 5-star resort. We only spent $400 for a week, with no timeshare meeting required, no work required.

Q: Will I be required to purchase other things once inside of the course?

A: Yes, it can help you work with hotel & travel brands if you are a content creator. It gives a step-by-step strategy to bring it all together into reality. It has helped me land deals with large hotel chains, clothing brands, rental car brands, and countless others. This can be photographers, bloggers, influencers, copywriters, graphic designers, etc. 

Essentially, if you can offer something of value to them, you have an opportunity to collaborate with the travel brand.

If you are not a content creator, there are other ways you will learn how to collaborate with brands. But if you just want to learn how to save money while traveling, this course has that information, too.

Q: Will it help me get collaborations with hotel & travel brands?

A: Yes, but some of those strategies require memberships into third party softwares/websites.

Q: Will this help me learn how to get deals on more than just hotels?

A: How's forever sound? As long as the course exists, you have access to it, the information, and the future updates to the program.

Q: How long do I get access to the course?

A: You can finish the course material and start implementing & searching in less than a day. You can get started searching for these deals using the recommended platforms in the course as soon as TODAY if you are a fast action taker.

In short, you can start getting discounts on travel as soon as TODAY if you take action on everything. 

Q: How long does it take to go through the course material & implement?

A: Short answer, no. You don't even need social media to get discounts on travel. BUT, some travel brands want to see you have an audience of some size for collaborations. That could be an email list, a podcast, social media, or something else. The list goes on, and that is all in the course. But remember, collaborations are just one section of this course - not the whole kit and kaboodle. If you want to just learn how to save on travel, that's in here too.

Q: Do I need a big social media following to get discounts on travel?


Get to know me!

After traveling to more than 25 countries, my wife and I have figured out what works to simplify the way we travel - while not just trying to find "budget" methods. (Who want's to say in a budget hotel, anyway?)

So, we identified the some incredible ways to stay at amazing places around the world - all while not breaking the bank. And when we want to really lean into saving money - we reach out for brand colloraborations. 

All of that (and more) is inside of this course. Check it out. I know it can help you save money and hit the road (or the skies) more often. 

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