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Step 1

Re-Edit Old Work to Current/Better Style (If Necessary)

  • This is obviously optional, but this is the stage to ensure your editing is completely dialed in and consistent. You want the best work on your website to not only improve your conversion rate, but to also raise the perception to your brand and (whenever you want as you carry forward) - charge more money.
  • If you are stuck on editing or want a new Lightroom preset, check out my presets here.
  • Consistency is the most important thing to be mindful of as you prepare your images.

Step 2

Save your Photos for proper SEO naming Structure (easy)

  • Choose your primary keyword that you want to rank for in each niche. As an example for most photographers, this would be something like your largest city that's near you (within a 60-minute drive time - on average), and then saving your niche photographs with that keyword + job title.
  • As an example to that, if you are a Miami newborn photographer, you'd save your newborn images with a structure like "Miami-Newborn-Photographer-1.jpg" and "Miami-Newborn-Photography-2.jpg".  
  • If you photograph multiple niches, the same strategy applies for all respective niches. Area-job-title-#.jpg.
  • If you are unsure about what to choose and feel stuck there for any reason, just reach out to me personally and I can lend some quick feedback.
  • I can't do this for you since these photos reside in your computer/hard drive so this is your task to complete.

Step 3

Get A Showit website Account Set Up To Use the platform

  • If you already have Showit, ignore this step.
  • If you don't already have Showit, you can get a free month/bit of a discount using this link.

Step 4

Create niche-specific folders on your Showit media library

  • Artwork examples (digital mockups of rooms with artwork on the wall, real samples/flat lays, etc)
  • Family - BEST OF (used for your highlight portfolio)
  • Wedding - BEST OF (used for your highlight portfolio)Featured Wedding/Maternity/Newborn/etc 1 (used for a single session/wedding to showcase your consistency & storytelling)
  • Featured Wedding/Maternity'Newborn/etc 2 (used for a single session/wedding to showcase your consistency & storytelling)
  • Featured Wedding/Maternity/Newborn/etc 3
  • Featured Wedding/Maternity/Newborn/etc 4
  • Featured Wedding/Maternity/Newborn/etc 5
  • Featured Wedding/Maternity'Newborn/etc 6
  • Etc etc (all different niches that you shoot)
  • FYI - portrait niches only need 3 featured galleries max
  • Background Images (save these as 3500px on the long edge. Landscape photos are best. Locations that resonate with your ideal client). These are used strategically in the background of some elements.
  • Personal brand (photos of you)
  • Fonts (if you have any custom .WOFF fonts)
  • Website Graphics (Logos, etc)
  • Press (Logos of places you have been featured, awards won, etc). Please upload your press badges/logos either in BLACK or WHITE or BOTH in case you want me to use variants strategically). If you aren't sure how, pop them into Photoshop, turn them grayscale, and remove the backgrounds, then save as a .PNG so the background remains transparent. You do not want backgrounds visible.

Step 5

Upload Your Photographs To Those Folders You just Created

  • 3500px on the long edge is fine. (especially background images)
  • 2000-2500 is okay for most other areas (if not background images)
  • JPG images saved as sRGB. It doesn't matter regarding the DPI/PPI since these are web files.

Step 6

Add me as a contributor to your Showit account So I can Do The Work

Step 7

Email Me to Say You're Ready - and the moment I receive the email, I will schedule the work

  • That's it. Your work is over. Now I get to work.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for me to complete the work, but I like to get things off my plate ASAP. So, typically the work is done well before then. I will let you know specifically an ETA as soon as you email me. The exact speed is determined on current availability.


Q: I am stuck choosing my photos. Can you help?

  • I promise you that you are overthinking it. You know which ones are your best. You know which ones you are proud of. Get those uploaded. Once everything that you love is in your media library, I will select the images that ultimately go onto the website. THAT part is my job. So, just upload! :) You got this.

Q: How many photographs should I upload per niche?

  • Aim for uploading at least 40-50 photographs per niche in your "best" folders.
  • In your featured gallery folders, aim for at least 30 per featured gallery folder.
  • In your personal brand folder (images of you), aim for at least 10, but put in more if you have it. Ideally in different outfits/looks like different sessions of yourself. Remember, you want your website visitor to also feel like you yourself value professional photography!
  • For artwork examples, aim for at least 5 per niche. More if you got it.

Q: How fast should I expect to see results?

  • Expectations shouldn't be there at all. (Good life lesson of the day). That said, the moment your new website goes live is the moment that someone could be seeing it and want to go inquire. That's as fast as you can get a result.