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1. Auto Responder
2. Inquiry Response for Weddings that Converts
3. Inquiry Response for Portrait Sessions
4. Not Available
5. Not Available, but push to Associates
6. Lead Follow-Up #1
7. Lead Follow-Up #2
8. Lower Than Rates
9. Same Date Inquiry Response
10. Quote
11. Quote Past Due
12. Quote Accepted
13. Contract Past Due
14. Contract Signed 

15. Pre-Wedding Questionnaire
16. Completed Questionnaire
17. Portrait Session (Setting Expectations)
18. Wedding Timeline
19. Invoice Ready
20. Invoice Payment Received
21. Two Months to Go
22. Family Portraits Shot List

23. A big THANK YOU
24. Post-Wedding Questionnaire
25. Post-Wedding Questionnaire Past Due
26. Online Gallery Live
27. Get More Reviews
28. Vendor Gallery Sharing

Email Templates that turn leads into bookings

Email Templates to increase your client experience

Email Templates to Help turn your Clients into Referrals & Social Proof

29. Blog Submission
30. Thanking Vendors
+ 4 other awesome templates that I know you'll love


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