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Musicbed and Why You Need It for Your Videos

As a wedding photographer, I have spent countless hours over the past decade searching for the newest and best editing techniques, learning new lighting things, and well – pretty much everything that I could do to expand my business. For video-based content, Musicbed is what I highly recommend when it comes to incredible audio tracks. After all, it’s you are spending a lot of hours both prepping, filming, and editing those highlights down to the best-of-the-best. So, I think your music should be equally as amazing. Enter, Musicbed.

Musicbed logo

At Musicbed, they’re completely dedicated to making the process as simplified, robust, and as awesome as possible. That’s why they have completely rebuilt their platform with brand-new features, workflows, and checkout process so you can find the perfect song faster than ever in their roster of 700+ world-class artists.


Integrated Browse + Search

Musicbed integrated browse & search tools


Navigate their world-class roster in just a few clicks with ‘Include’ and ‘Exclude’ filters, or type in the filter you need, all in one place. Want to exclude Holiday songs from your search in July? Go for it. Need a folk song that has guitar, but no banjos, at 120 beats per minute? No problem. It’s easier than ever to find the perfect song.

Brand-New Filters + Tools

Brand new tools and filters at Musicbed


Musicbed has introduced new Advanced filters that reflect how filmmakers work. Narrow your search using BPM, Song Build, Length, Vocals, Lyrics, and many more. Pretty sweet, right??


Streamlined Checkout Process

To make it even more slick, Musicbed has a redesigned checkout process makes it easier and clearer to get the coverage you need for your project. Just answer a few simple questions and get back to the editing bay.


Get ready to Elevate Your Process from Start to Finish

Musicbed elevate your game


Easily find the perfect song for your film with a fully integrated browse/search — plus the ability to include/exclude advanced filters like BPM, Key, Song Build, and more. I mean come on, can it really get any better than this? I don’t think so.


Browse & Search – Reinvented

Use new filters like BPM, Key, Song Build, and more — along with the ability to include and exclude from your search.

Yep, it’s awesome. And if you are wanting to level up your game with your audio content for your films, make sure to check out Musicbed.


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