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Not Everyone Is Your Customer

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Marketing to everyone attracts no one. Blog by Wedding Business coach Kyle Goldie

Today’s lesson is a big one. It’s super important, even though I see many people in the wedding industry who push it off to the side. Here it is… not everyone is your customer.

Not EVERYONE is your customer.

Think about it. Who are you attracting? Is it “everyone” who wants to book you? If you are, start changing that mindset.

If you are trying to attract “everyone,” you are really attracting no one.

Not everyone is your ideal client.

Especially since the wedding industry [in most markets] is very saturated on every angle of every profession. You must stand out. You have to hone in on your ideal client. Maybe you’ve wondered why you aren’t booking many of your ideal couples, and maybe this is why. It’s certainly a huge piece to the puzzle.

Figure out who your target market is – and market to THEM.

Nail down your logo, your marketing message, your portfolio, your website, your business cards, and your social media content.

Everything needs to speak to your ideal couple. Not just every couple who gets engaged.

If you have been marketing to “everyone,” stop doing what you are doing right now and change your message. Look at every piece of branding and marketing content you have and analyze it.

Does your portfolio have images of hotels in Seattle, then beaches in Mexico, then rustic farm weddings, then super luxurious, decadent weddings that go all-out?  That’s great you have that many clients, but who are you attracting with that portfolio? Certainly not your ideal client. You’re casting that net SUPER wide.

Show more of what you want more of. Pure and simple.

Dedicate yourself and your brand as the go-to expert in that field. Even that geographic area.

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And your marketing message should speak to that ONE ideal client. Who is that for you? Are you speaking to them in EVERYTHING you do? If not, you could be losing out on a lot of business.

Do you need help figuring out your target market and how to reach them? Maybe you are finding some of your ideal clients, but not at the price point you want? Maybe you’re at the price point and the ideal clients, but you’re not getting the number of bookings you want? Then there is something going on with your Client Funnel, your strategy, your sales, or your client communication. Have a look inside your business and do a self-evaluation.


And if you are wanting to join the awesome FREE resource of other wedding professionals looking to grow their business, join us in the free FB group, “Wedding Business 101” .

I’ll see you inside the group.

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