What Photographers Wear to Weddings: A Fashionable and Functional Guide

Weddings are the epitome of emotions and memories, and as a photographer, capturing these moments is both an honor and a responsibility. But while your heart may be filled with artistic passion, you’re probably wondering, “What on earth should I wear?” Fear not, fellow lens wizard! We’ve got you covered with a fashionable and functional guide on what photographers wear to weddings. Let’s get ready to rock those clicks!


The Classic Photographer’s Uniform – All Black

Ah, the eternal question: “What to wear?” It’s like trying to choose the best lens for a shot—overwhelming! But don’t sweat it; the classic photographer’s uniform is here to save the day. Drumroll, please… It’s the all-black attire! Sleek, elegant, and effortlessly stylish, black is not only flattering but also discreet, letting you blend into the background like a photography ninja.

That said, do you NEED to wear all black? Absolutely not. Can you? Of course.

The whole idea behind wearing black is because it’s plain, it’s dark, and it doesn’t grab attention. All attention should be left for the couple getting married and the guests – not you.

That said, I am a fan of still wearing something that is on-brand and is comfortable. I’ve commonly worn black (stretchy) jeans as the staple, then either a black t-shirt or black short-sleeve button-down or a black Nike or North Face light coat (no big logos). I’ve also worn purples, blues, greens, browns, etc. Just nothing saturated with color, nothing bright, and nothing where it’s simply distracting.


Footwear: Comfort Meets Chic

Sure, those stilettos may look fabulous, but trust us, your feet will be screaming by the end of the day. As a wedding photographer, you’re a marathon runner in disguise, capturing candid moments from every angle. So, opt for comfy yet chic shoes that won’t leave you limping. Think stylish sneakers or cushioned flats—the perfect combo of comfort and swag!

Personally speaking, I started wearing dress shoes earlier in my career as a wedding photographer to weddings, but that stopped happening once I realized I didn’t need to dress to the 9’s while I am photographing clients for 8+ hours on my feet and with terrible posture to boot.

So, Nike’s. All black. Unassuming, and very comfortable for long days moving around on my feet. Not Air Maxes. Nothing clunky. Slim, low profile, all black. Cross trainers worked really well for me.


Battle of the Cameras: Straps and Holders

Cameras are your trusty sidekicks, and you need to keep them safe and accessible. Camera straps are more than just a fashion statement; they save your precious gear from accidental dives. But if you want to go hands-free, consider holsters, harnesses, or utility belts—a photographer’s utility belt, just like Batman’s.

I wore a shoulder strap harness to have two camera bodies on me at all times (Spider brand), but my posture took a real hit working with so many photography clients over the years. What I should’ve done much earlier in my career was a hip holster. It’s a real back-pain saver.


Pockets Galore: The Photographer’s Dream

Forget about Batman’s utility belt; photographers love their pockets! You need a place to store extra batteries, memory cards, and lens wipes—without lugging around a suitcase.

That said, I’m not going to be caught dead wearing a fishermen’s vest or something like that.

I also am not a big fan of fanny packs, although they do work well. What I do like is a simple pair of stretchy black jeans that I can fit things in the pockets and get them easily. Anything else, my wife (who has been my assistant) is there and she knows what to do and when and what’s needed. Incredibly helpful.

PRO TIP: Use an assistant for every wedding you photograph. Make that part of your required team.


Weather Warriors: Dressing for All Conditions

As a photographer, you’re a weather warrior. Rain or shine, you’ll be out there, capturing unforgettable moments. Get yourself a waterproof attire that laughs at raindrops. And for those scorching summer weddings or freezing winter wonderlands, dress smart with cooling fabrics or cozy layers.

Just be strategic about the weather for that day. Look ahead and bring a light layer.


The Art of Blending In

As a wedding photographer, you’re like a photography ninja (such a common term) —always blending in, capturing candid moments without being noticed. Dress unobtrusively, and you’ll become one with the wedding ambiance, getting those priceless shots with ease.


Dress Codes and Client Expectations

Every wedding has its own vibe and dress code, and it’s essential to understand what the couple expects from you. Decode the dress codes, and you’ll be dressed to impress while delivering exactly what your clients desire. That said, your high-end client won’t be micromanaging you. They trust that you will be professional. So, act and dress accordingly.


Dapper Demeanor: Grooming Tips for Photographers

You’re not just behind the lens; you’re part of the wedding’s fabric. Groom yourself to perfection—beards or no beards, and a tale of good hair days, it all matters. Come polished and well-groomed.


Bags and Carriers: Hauling Gear in Style

Carrying gear doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Camera bags that marry fashion and function are a thing! Or go for a trendy backpack or messenger bag to keep your gear secure and look effortlessly cool.

Personally, I use a black backpack that has literally all my gear. No extra bags. No roller kits. Keep things simple.



A Conclusion About What Photographers Should Wear To Weddings

In short, wear something that won’t grab attention, is comfortable, stylish, breathable, and on-brand for your photography brand.  Don’t be afraid of not wearing dress shoes just because another photographer told you that you need to. You don’t.

You should also be very mindful over your actual physical health, so wear shoes that are good for you, and get those cameras OFF your shoulders/back and onto your hips.  If you are a wedding photographer, you know back pain. So, let’s aim towards solutions.


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