5 Things to Outsource as a Wedding Photographer

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5 Things to Outsource as a Wedding Photographer ASAP


When starting out as a wedding photographer, 99.9% of us have to everything ourselves. It’s just not in the budget to pay other people to do things for us. And when I started out, I for sure knew that first-handed. And so I did everything myself for the first 5 or 6 years of my career as a photographer and small business owner.

And in my early twenties, that was no problem. I was single, no mortgage, low rent, very few responsibilities, and my body felt like it was invincible (man… I want to be 23 again, haha!)

And back when I was 23, there wasn’t the sheer amount of huge, public, free content like there is in today’s digital world. When I was 23, “influencers” weren’t even a thing. Well, not like how we think of influencers these days, anyway. And because of the lack of public information, I did a lot by trial and error. And because I was doing a lot by trial and error, I learned what to do, what not to do, and everything in the middle… the absolute hardest way possible.

From time to time it felt like shit hit the fan, and then the week after would be a big win… then a big dead zone… then a huge win, then a loss… and it was all over the place. It was exhausting, and I was working 80+ hours a week just to “get by.”

  • I was editing my own photos
  • I was sending out every email manually
  • I was managing my client list on a whiteboard
  • I was doing my own bookkeeping & taxes
  • I was doing my own social media management
  • I was doing my own website design
  • I was doing my own graphic design
  • I was doing my own … everything.

And a lot of these things… I wasn’t even doing the right way.

I was just doing them as best as I personally knew how.

And it wasn’t until three years later that I realized I was doing my books & taxes the WRONG way that I got a big bill and tax penalty. So, not delegating some tasks… was COSTING ME MONEY… and I thought I was saving money. But because I was doing it wrong… it was actually costing me.

It wasn’t until I started learning what to outsource as a wedding photographer did I really start to scale my income and improve my quality of life.

So, you might wonder what the best things are to outsource. So, I wanted to bring it down to my top 5 things that you should outsource as a wedding photographer ASAP. These are the top 5 things I recommend:

  • Outsource your editing as soon as you have the volume to back up the decision. My personal recommendation – if you are spending 10+ hours a week editing… outsource it… NOW. And if you want a discount on this, just mention my name at www.evolveedits.com when you sign up with them. That’s who I currently use and recommend.
  • Outsource your bookkeeping and taxes NOW. You can afford it. You don’t need an employee. I pay my bookkeeper (on average) only $100-150/month, and it saves me so much time, headache, and stress.
  • Outsource your website design. Don’t spend weeks putting together your new site or your site update. Even having a professional designer who’s familiar with your platform can make big changes in only an hour or two.
  • Outsource your blog content if you are having trouble writing content each week. (Did you know there are sites that will even write content for you for FREE?)
  • Outsource literally everything else that you do not need to personally need to be doing yourself. Have that CEO mindset.

Have any questions? As always, feel free to email me!

Learn the top 5 things I recommend that you outsource as a wedding photographer ASAP. A blog by Kyle Goldie.

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