A Podcast for Wedding Business Tips & Advice: Elevate

Naturally, when you’re a wedding photographer, planner, videographer, coordinator, venue owner, makeup artist…. you name it… you’re going to want to learn how to make more money in your wedding business. Right?

Well, of course you are! And you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, either. It’s a very natural thing to want to make more money. After all, without money, you would be out of business! And money is the way you feed your family, put a roof over your head, and make sure you stay healthy.

There’s this super weird negative connotation over wanting to make more money, or paying other people your hard-earned money.

Well, that’s pretty much why I wanted to give you something of huge value for FREE. And this thing actually costs me quite a bit of money and time to put together. It’s my podcast!

More specifically, it’s my podcast that is entirely designed and dedicated for creative entrepreneurs – with a focus on wedding business owners like yourself, and a few episodes sprinkled in here and there speaking directly to photographers. After all, I’ve been a photographer now for over 10 years full-time, and so I felt that decade was just about the sweet spot for me to seriously unleash everything that I know… and do it in a way where I am actually able to go DEEP with the content, rather than the surface-level bullshit that you might find cruising around Instagram™ or Facebook™.  After all, where can you legitimately binge-listen to something that is quite literally an audio-based workshop for absolutely free.

On the podcast, which is called Elevate by the way, you will hear a lot of solo shows as well as shows featuring chats with special guests. Guests like Natalie Franke from Honeybook and the Rising Tide Society, Sal Cincotta from Evolve Edits (and a bunch of other things he’s up to), Susan Stripling, Arne Giske, Josh Forti, and loads of others.

Personally speaking, solo shows are my favorite, though. Why? Because I am able to crank out more episodes, quite honestly. Guests are difficult to schedule, require a lot more logistics, and there’s way more that goes on the back-end to have these productions put together. Whereas solo shows, I can cruise through some really valuable topics rapid fire and get you something amazing in a much shorter period of time. And after all, that’s exactly what I coach on.

As always, so if you’re in the wedding business and you’re looking for a really great podcast to binge-listen while you’re editing photos, traveling to your next job, or while you work out– make sure to check out the Elevate podcast on iTunes or Spotify (amongst other places).

The podcast is also a great place to find exclusive discounts, special offers, and coupon codes for some really awesome things. You just need to subscribe and tune in to figure out what those things are. After all, they are exclusive to podcast listeners.

Hop on over to the podcast page on my website. And from there, you will be able to find direct links to the show on iTunes or Spotify – whatever you listen to podcasts on more.

OH, and one last thing.

If you are ever wanting to know a specific answer to a specific topic, just email me. Seriously. It’s honestly that easy. I will direct you to the answer if it already exists on my podcast or blog, or I will create a new piece of content for you that answers it. Sound good?

A podcast for wedding photographers, planners, professionals of all types. Elevate by Kyle Goldie on iTunes & Spotify

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