How The ‘Google My Business’ New Name Will Affect Your Listing

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, updating yourself with every new change is incessantly critical. Catching up with the latest Google updates, we’re focusing on the central topic of  what’s “Google My Business’ new name” and its implications for businesses in 2023 and carrying forward. This transition is more than just a name change; it’s a strategic shift that speaks volumes about Google’s vision for helping businesses thrive and compete in the digital space.

What’s it called now? Google Business Profile.

Google My Business’ new name, Google Business Profile, reflects the tech giant’s ongoing commitment to helping businesses become more visible, accessible, and productive in an increasingly digital economy. This change isn’t solely semantic. It heralds fresh possibilities and increased avenues for businesses to enhance their reach and strengthen their online presence. Given Google’s monumental significance in global online traffic and search relevancy, this denomination shift is sure to have a significant impact on the Internet scene.

However, amidst the buzz, it’s essential for businesses to understand the real implications of the Google My Business’ new name update, and how to best align their strategies with this new change. While features and functionalities evolve, the focus remains on empowering businesses to connect effectively with their customers, offering a holistic online experience. Here, we’ll delve into this topic, dissecting the critical aspects of what’s changing and what’s not in 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • The transition from Google My Business to Google Business Profile is Google’s way of streamlining its business services. This pivot reflects the tech giant’s aim to simplify and unify the platform under Google Business Profile, creating the possibility for improved interaction between businesses and consumers.
  • The “google my business new name” shift doesn’t result in alterations to the functionality of the service. Rather, Google’s intent is to simply modify the branding to better resonate with its business-to-customer interactions, keeping the same practicality and process intact.
  • Harnessing the potential of Google Business Profile, mostly comes down to utilizing the same smart strategies as before. That means keeping your business information up-to-date, actively managing reviews, and frequently posting worthwhile content to engage with your audience.
  • One of the key points in understanding the “google my business new name” change is that while the branding is fresh, the core purposes remain. The platform still primarily exists to boost Google Local search presence, provide easy access to business details for customers and facilitate the collection of reviews.
  • The recent name change signals that businesses should continue to optimize their profiles no matter what it’s called. Investing time and effort into maintaining your Google Business Profile remains a crucial part of growing your online visibility and attracting more customers.



Unveiling Google My Business New Name, Google Profile

Google’s offering for business platforms has always brought considerable influence and changes. The unveiling of the **Google My Business new name** marks significant changes for users globally. It’s an intriguing revelation that has sparked discussions in the digital world. So, let’s delve in and uncover these changes in detail.

In the course of 2021, Google started phasing out certain terminologies. The usage of “listing” was minimized, and the focus shifted to “profile.” It was a subtle hint at a massive move, pointing to the new name that was still under wraps. An essential link to this context can be found **here**.

Google’s rebranding, specifically Google Business Profile, is the latest in a series of refreshing perspectives that Google has embarked on in recent years. This rebranding aims to streamline its suite of offerings and ensure that businesses, large and small, can readily find and use these tools.

The Google Business Profile change brings with it an upgraded user interface, aiming to cater to an evolved digital ecosystem. It aspires to promote an environment that aids businesses in achieving their various goals with ease and efficiency. Find out more about its updated interface within this detailed guide on our website **here**.



Embracing the Google Business Profile New Name and Interface

Once you’ve adjusted to the new name, it’s time to embrace the new interface. Despite the similarities with the previous version, users will notice significant differences driving much more efficient interactions.

It focuses on providing businesses with a one-stop destination for managing their Google presence, helping them promote their brand more effectively online. Insights on adjusting to such digital infrastructure changes can be found here.

**Insight on Google My Business New Name and the Impact on Local SEO**

The impact of the **Google My Business new name** on local SEO cannot be overstated. Google acknowledges that the digital world is dynamic, and search engine optimization tactics need to evolve accordingly. This guide **here** shares more insights on how to keep up with these changes.

With each new update, Google attempts to make it easier for its users to interact with their customers online. The **Google My Business new name** assures it remains the go-to platform for businesses seeking to cement their online presence.





As we navigate the digital landscape of 2022, it’s important to adapt to changes – most significantly, the announcement of the Google My Business new name. This sweeping transformation isn’t merely a rebranding effort, but a milestone that represents Google’s dedication to providing a seamless user experience. Embracing this shift, especially with the transition to Google Business Profile, allows businesses and digital marketers to harness the full potential of the platform and apply optimized strategies tailored to meet evolving consumer behavior and market trends.

The Google My Business new name is more than just a cosmetic change. It’s an opportunity for us to optimize our digital front and leverage new innovative features meant to engage customers, boost online visibility, and drive conversions. Though it may seem daunting initially, understanding these changes can equip us for the future. Businesses need to zero in on capitalizing on these upgrades, focusing on enhancing their local SEO game, and ensuring their information is accurate and up-to-date. This strategy will aid in maintaining strong visibility online, further bolstering customer engagement and a solid online reputation.

In conclusion, the Google My Business new name should be viewed as a positive evolution. The focus should be on understanding the changes, adopting them, and using them to our advantage to maximize online presence, attract local customers, and keep ahead of competitors. Remember, digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, and it is pivotal to stay adaptable. With these changes, Google is encouraging businesses to deliver more interactive engagement and maintain alignment with consumer expectations. Embrace the shift, optimize, and lean into the potential that the formerly named Google My Business now offers under its new title.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Google My Business new name?

At the outset of 2022, Google announced a comprehensive rebranding of Google My Business, integral to the search giant’s Local Search toolset. The new moniker of this key utility is now “Google Business Profile.”


Why did Google My Business change its name?

The renaming to Google Business Profile is part of a broader strategy by Google to better streamline its products and services. The emphasis of this rebranding effort is to make local businesses’ online presence more easily manageable directly through Google Search and Maps.


Does the Google My Business new name change how businesses use the tool?

Despite the change in title, the primary functionalities of Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) remains largely unaltered. Local businesses can still use the tool to manage their online presence across Google’s services, including Google Maps and Search.


How will the Google My Business new name affect existing listings?

All existing Google My Business listings have been automatically transitioned to Google Business Profile. Businesses do not need to take any specific actions due to the name change.


What are the major changes introduced in Google Business Profile?

Apart from the name change, Google is introducing direct engagement features, such as a new post type – ‘Update’ – to better engage with the audience. Also, the previous description field in the Google My Business dashboard has been rebranded as “About” in Google Business Profile.


How can businesses make the most of the new Google Business Profile?

Leverage the new features! For instance, the ‘Update’ post type introduced, lets you share essential news and updates directly with prospective customers. Also, continuously updating the “About” section with relevant information about your business can enhance visibility and customer engagement.


Does the Google My Business new name affect SEO strategies?

While the core functionality of Google Business Profile remains as effective as Google My Business, the introduction of new features like ‘Update’ posts could present additional opportunities for enhanced SEO strategies.


What should businesses expect from the new Google Business Profile in 2023?

Businesses can look forward to a more unified, user-centric experience with Google Business Profile. Also, by leveraging new features like ‘Update’ posts, businesses can improve audience engagement and ultimately boost their search results presence in 2023 and beyond.


Source Credits: Forbes, Google, Neil Patel/Ubersuggest, BrightLocal, Semrush

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