Time Saving Hacks: Discover Invaluable Ways To Simplify Business & Life

Imagine waving a magic wand and suddenly having more hours in your day. What would you do with that extra time? The answer lies in mastering time-saving hacks. These are elusive tricks that seem to elude most of us, but weave an almost magical influence over those who can effectively implement them.

The brilliance of time saving hacks lies in their simplicity. They’re tiny tweaks that nudge our routine, triggering a domino effect of efficiency that cascades through our day. An occasional dash of humor can make these hacks more palatable, because let’s face it, we all could use a chuckle amidst our hectic schedule.

As you unravel this blog, you’ll find it peppered with these hacks. They’re smart, they’re savvy, and heck, they’re sometimes a little funny. Here, we don’t believe in all work and no play. We blend expertise with laughter, so you forge ahead with a smile. Welcome to the world where time-saving hacks meet fun.



Key Takeaways

  • You don’t need time. Your can leverage other people’s time and expertise to do what needs to get done (if finances are available).
  • Don’t disguise your excuses as reasons.
  • Discover effective time saving hacks that can revolutionize your business processes and personal life, making your everyday tasks more efficient and manageable.
  • Explore “time saving hacks” that rely on technological innovations and apps, or even simple habit modifications, and learn how these small changes can add hours back to your day.
  • Unlock the power of prioritization with practical time saving hacks, enabling strategic time management in both business and personal arenas.
  • Learn about unexpected “time saving hacks”, like revising travel methodologies or enforcing strict technological rules, that can surprisingly boost your productivity.
  • Gain insight into optimal work-life balance with various “time saving hacks” including an understanding of when to fully disconnect for maximum recharging and productivity.



Applying Time Saving Hacks to Amplify Your Business and Personal Life

Inculcating effective time saving hacks into your organizational structure significantly propels productivity and efficiency in both business and personal routines. Essential components like time management, task prioritization, and cutting-edge technological tools are instrumental to realizing this goal.


Disguising your ‘reasons’ as ‘excuses’

Very commonly, both entrepreneurs and 9-5’ers complain of a lack of time. Sure, life gets busy. But that is NORMAL and to be EXPECTED. So, what we must do is get ahead of it and do our best to find solutions rather than just say “oh I can’t do this because of XYZ.

This next part is controversial, so please stick with me with an open mind through this bit.

Imagine the following reasons why time can truly feel tight.

  • “Oh summer is busy because my kids are out of school, so I’m unable to get as much done as I wanted to.”
  • “I homeschool so I can’t ____.”
  • “I got into a car accident and so I’m unable to ____.”
  • “My family is going through ____ and needs me to _____.”
  • “I work a day-job, so I am unable to complete ____ within my business as quickly as I had hoped.”
  • “I am neurodivergent, so I need to learn a very specific way. Therefore, it just takes me longer.”
  • and the list goes on endlessly…


So, what do we do? Just say to ourselves (and to everyone else around us) — “well, that’s just how it is. There are no solutions. That’s just what I have to deal with.”

Really? Is it though?

Are there NO solutions to any possible “reason” that you can come up with?

After a LOT of things going “wrong” in my life, I have been tested and trialed by the powers that be. But have I let that completely stop me in my tracks and allow both my personal growth and my business growth to halt when life happens? No. Absolutely not.

I choose to either:

  • Give myself grace and take some time for mental health, or
  • Outsource some tasks while I personally take time off (personal tasks as well as business tasks)


Turn off the TV/Netflix (or do this instead)

It should go without saying, but TV/movies can be incredibly distracting. That’s why many offices don’t allow TV or movies to be watched while you are at work. Sounds super normal, right? Well, apply the same principle to your home life.


What if I said to you that I actually become MORE productive when I have TV/Netflix ON?

It might sound weird, but my brain tends to wander on a million different topics if things become too quiet. So, I put on TV shows or movies that I have already seen.

Yes, things that I have already seen.

If I put on something that is new to me, I want to know what’s going on, I want to really watch it and understand the storyline, hear the punchlines, figure out the mystery, etc.

So, having something on for my brain actually helps me not let my mind wander, and it equally keeps me entertained subconciously. But, you do you. Do whatever works best for your internal self.


Check your phone screen time

This is where I want you to be ultra objective with how you look at where your time goes.

If you have an iPhone, check out your screen time on your phone. For a full article from Apple directly, check out their post here.


Get out of Facebook groups / online social forums that aren’t helpful

Another one that should go without saying, but so many online communities and forums are nothing but distractions. Many are places with either bad information/misinformation, unhelpful content/fluff, or it’s a place for peers to just vent over their problems.

None of that benefits you.

So, my challenge for you right now (homework, if you may), is to log onto these social platforms that you are on and look up the groups/communities that you are in.

Which ones TRULY add to your life, and which ones are TAKING AWAY from it?

Leave the ones that are toxic, unhelpful, and simply pull you down.

Join my free FB group for photographers if you want one that uplifts you, supports you, and where we discuss blog posts like this one.


Strategic Delegation and Outsourcing

The impactful recourse to delegation and outsourcing stands out uniquely among the numerous time saving hacks available. By leaning appropriately on your team’s expertise or outsourcing non-specialized duties, you free up time for core tasks. Providing more than just an extra pair of helping hands, this approach enables better concentration on roles where your expertise is non-negotiable and indispensable.


What are you able to outsource or at minimum get help with in your life?

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Washing your car
  • Doing laundry
  • Picking up around the house
  • Getting childcare (even one day a week)
  • Grocery shopping (Instacart, etc)

What are you able to outsource with your business?


For optimal results, assigning tasks based on individuals’ strength is crucial. For instance, if a team member proves consistently exceptional in customer relations, delegating customer-based roles to such an individual enhances productivity. For more insights on the salient benefits of delegation, please follow this link [link to relevant webpage on your site].


Automating Processes with Innovative Tools and Apps – A Time Saving Staple

Leveraging technological advancements is another masterpiece among efficient time saving hacks. Innovative tools and apps present a wellspring of opportunities for task automation, thus significantly reducing execution time. Automation platforms not only facilitate time-saving but also improve accuracy, as human error becomes considerably minimized.

Time-saving tools such as productivity apps, scheduling apps or email management tools can significantly streamline your business operations. For instance, productivity tools can help prioritize and track tasks, thus simplifying the workload. Scheduling apps can assist in arranging meetings or planning project timelines. Email management tools can keep your mailbox organized and weed out less important messages. For more information on choosing the right CRMs for your business, please refer to a blog post all about that: Best CRMs For Photographers | An Honest & Ultimate Guide


Enhancing Efficiency through Time Blocking Methods

Incorporating time blocking into your daily schedules borderlines on the perfect time saving hack. This method aims at categorizing tasks by groups and assigning specific times to each. For instance, you could set aside the first two hours of each workday strictly for strategy formulation. Directly after, you could allocate an hour to catch up on emails. Time blocking effectively helps keep distractions at bay.

As some quick examples to this:

  • Time Blocking: Divide the day into blocks of time for specific tasks.
  • Task Batching: Group similar tasks together and complete them in specific time blocks.
  • Day Theming: Assign specific days of the week to focus on different types of tasks.


Harnessing the Power of To-Do Lists for Time Saving

Among the plethora of time saving hacks, the adherence to a carefully curated to-do list stands out as an evidently effective tool. To-do lists provide a clear picture of tasks that need to be accomplished within a specific timeframe. They help prioritize duties, and ensure that the most important ones get your attention first.

To create a feasible list, always start with the most crucial tasks for the day. Break down bigger projects into smaller tasks for easy accomplishment. Always cross out finished jobs to track progress and boost morale.


Prioritizing Health and Wellness as Part of Time Saving Hacks

Driving productivity and time-saving cannot be overemphasized. However, integrating health and wellness activities into your routine makes a whole lot of difference. Studies have proven that healthy individuals are more energetic, focused, and generally more productive.

For more detailed insights into how a health and wellness regime can boost your productivity, please visit this helpful article.


Introvert’s Guide to Networking – A Different Perspective on Time Saving Hacks

Social anxiety is a reality for many. Yet networking events often strike a gold mine of opportunities. For the introverted, the concept of networking needs redefining. Effective networking doesn’t necessarily mean large crowds and small talks. Remember, networking is about establishing mutually beneficial relationships. It can be achieved through smaller gatherings, one-on-one meetings, or even online platforms. These several channels can serve as time-saving alternatives, offering the same value as the traditional methods or even more. Explore ways to make networking an enjoyable and productive process by visiting even basic things like Facebook groups that are specific to your niche and remain to be a distraction-free, drama-free community.

If you are a photographer, join my free FB group here.

Remember, the core of these time saving hacks is not only to help you achieve more within a short time but also to enhance your experience in your business rollercoaster ride.




In conclusion, if we can take away a standout theory from this blog, it is that the art of mastering time saving hacks has never been more crucial to success in the world of business and life in general. This understanding is not just a benefit, it is a necessity we must weave into our daily pursuits. Unleashing the full potential of these productivity-boosting, time saving hacks could be the game-changer that propels your professional and personal life to whole new heights.

The challenge is not merely in understanding these time saving hacks, but in implementing them in a way that benefits the rhythm and pace of your unique lifestyle. It is one thing to have rocks, pebbles, and sand, it’s another to fit them all into a singular jar in the most effective way possible. Embrace the power of ‘no’, allocate specific time to streamline tasks, and remember to inject your day with timely breaks. These simple but transformative hacks can turn into veritable keys to unlock a better work-life balance.

In the increasingly overwhelming world we live in, remember that maximizing productivity means mastering time saving hacks. If you can manage that, you won’t just be racing against the clock, you’ll be dancing with it! Let these hacks pave the way to more fruitful days, nurturing your work, life, and everything in between. As you venture forth, never forget this game-changing mantra: work smarter, not just harder.



FAQs about Time Saving Hacks

What exactly are ‘time saving hacks’ and how can they boost my productivity?

A: ‘Time saving hacks’ comprises the various tactics, techniques, and strategies that you can employ in your daily routine to optimize your time effectively. By incorporating them into your routine, you can enhance your productivity by completing tasks quickly and efficiently.


Can time saving hacks improve both my business and personal life?

A: Yes, absolutely! ‘Time saving hacks’ are not only designed to boost your business productivity but they are also effective in simplifying your everyday personal life routine. Whether it’s managing your emails more effectively or using technology to your advantage, these hacks can help free up your time for more important tasks.

Whether you have a business or not, saving more time allows you to do more of what you want in life in general. And isn’t that the real goal of everything?


Are these time saving hacks practical for all types of businesses and lifestyles?

A: We’ve curated our list of ‘time saving hacks’ focusing on their wide applicability and versatility. Whether you are running a startup, managing a large corporation or just juggling a busy schedule, these hacks offer numerous ways to save time and increase efficiency.

The biggest variables for your ultimate choice for time saving hacks that you actually use… depend on your finances.


Do these ‘time saving hacks’ involve the use of specific tools or applications?

A: Some of the ‘time saving hacks’ do feature the use of certain tools and applications designed to automate tasks and save time. However, there are also numerous techniques and strategies that do not require any specialized tools and can be implemented directly.


Are there ‘time saving hacks’ that can help in better email management?

A: Yes, our blog on ‘time saving hacks’ features various tricks to manage your email more effectively. From setting time aside specifically for answering mails to using email filters, these hacks can save you significant time spent on sorting through emails each day.

For this, I highly encourage you to set up proper automation and systems into your client management systems (CRMs). If you are a photographer, check out Best CRMs For Photographers | An Honest & Ultimate Guide.


How can these ‘time saving hacks’ help in attaining a better work-life balance?

A: By integrating ‘time saving hacks’ into your daily routine, you can effectively streamline your tasks. This helps in freeing up time, which you can then allocate to family, hobbies, or relaxation, hence assisting you to achieve a healthier work-life balance.

So, if you are the exact person who says “I’m too busy to do ____ right now,” then you are the exact person who needs to improve their time management. (Come at this advice objectively and unemotionally to see the growth in your life.)


Do I need any professional training to implement these ‘time saving hacks’?

A: No, our ‘time saving hacks’ are designed for universal understanding and straightforward application. While some might involve learning about a new app or tool, most are simple techniques that anyone can adopt in their daily routine.

That said, there are usually specific time saving hacks per niche.


Are these ‘time saving hacks’ beneficial only in the short-term or can they have long-term effects too?

A: While you will see immediate results upon applying these ‘time saving hacks’, their true value lies in the long run. Over time, these simple changes to your routines could lead up to hours, even days saved every year.

And with the right business coach, you might even be able to shave off YEARS of learning curve.

That’s not an exaggeration.

As a real story, I have personally helped a photographer who was trying to build their business for 15 years go from making only $10,000 per year to $100,000 the very next year after we got started. She then quit her job and went full-time, and spent more time with her family than she ever has before.

What if she got the help a decade earlier?

Sometimes time saving hacks are simply learning how to do things more efficiently and not just carving out blocks of time to do things inefficiently.


Where can I seek help in case I’m finding it challenging to implement these ‘time saving hacks’?

A: Post in my free FB group if you are a photographer. And if you want help more directly, consider hiring me as your business coach.



Source Credits: Success, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Guardian, Life Hack, RD.com, FastCompany

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