How to Install A ShowIt Wesbite Template Quickly & Efficiently

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How To Install a ShowIt Website Template

Website Design, Digital Marketing

So, you bought a ShowIt template! Awesome! Whether it’s one of my templates or not, I am pumped for you. I LOVE the ShowIt platform, and I know you will too.

And as I always promise, I want to cut out all the fluff. And with that said, let’s dive straight into it. I want to show you how simple it is to install a ShowIt website template.


Login to your ShowIt account. Go to your ShowIt dashboard.


On the lower left-hand corner of the dashboard, you will see your name. Click on that.


This window (see the screenshot below) will appear after clicking on your name.

ShowIt installation guide

On that screen/popup, click on the button that says “Add Design To Library.”


Once you clicked on that button, this new popup window appears (see the screenshot below):

ShowIt website template installation


Enter your “Shared Design Key” into that box, and then click that blue ENTER button. This key would have been sent to you by whoever you purchase the ShowIt website template from.


After clicking enter, you will see a popup screen similar to the one you see below. If the code is correct, it will show you a sample of the design you are installing. You simply click the “ADD NOW” blue button in the lower right. (See screenshot below).

ShowIt website template installation guide


After clicking the “Add Now” button, this final popup window appears saying it was successfully added. YAY! (But you’re not done yet. This just gets it into your library.


Go back to the lower left of your ShowIt dashboard, and click on your name. (Same as what you did in Step 2). After you are in there, the same window will pop up as what you did in Step 2. (See below screenshot).

ShowIt installation guide


Click on the “Create a New Site” button.


STEP 10:
On this screen that pops up, it may default you to the “ShowIt Designs” tab. The tab you are wanting is the “Your Designs” tab . as seen below in the screenshot. Click on that.


STEP 11:
Once you’re in the “Your Designs” tab, you will see the template you just installed by adding that Shared Design Key. Click on the design you are wanting to start with. (Remember, you can very easily customize any template you purchased).

ShowIt Design Guide Installation


STEP 12:
Now, all you have to do is press the blue button, “Start with This Design.”

ShowIt website template installation


PRESTO! You have fully installed the design and you can now actively customize it however you would like. Your dashboard will now show all the different pages that are pre-designed and pre-loaded. All you have to do now is just hop in there and change out your images, the website copy, and your social proof (press badges, reviews, etc).

ShowIt website template installation guide


If you are still looking around for an awesome ShowIt template, make sure to check out mine at the Rockstar Design Shop.

Hope you found this helpful! Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.


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