Why You Need to Be Using WebTextTool for Your Blog SEO

Why You Need to Be Using WebTextTool for Your Blog SEO Efforts

When it comes to finding amazing deals for SEO tools, I act like a kid in a candy store. And certainly when it comes to finding incredible lifetime deals – because personally, I avoid subscriptions like the plague. So, when I stumbled across WebTextTool… I did my due diligence. And I was blown away with happiness in what I found.

And because the price is so low for this lifetime deal through AppSumo, it quickly hit me that WebTextTool was a total no-brainer to buy and start using right away.



Yes, there are affiliate links around this page, but I never ever promote anything without fully believing in it.

Before the SEO tool WebTextTool, I was just using Yoast SEO on the back-end of my WordPress dashboard. And sure, that helped me get on the right track. And it helped build my business to be found organically, but I felt like Yoast was still just scratching the surface.

I wanted something a bit more robust, but not so incredibly robust where it’s just daunting and confusing to learn something new and get overwhelmed while I’m at it.

Well, I’m here to say totally definitively – that WebTextTool blows Yoast out of the water – but the best part — I use both in conjunction with each other.

Maybe it will help give some context, so here is the very basic framework about how I choose what to write about, what key phrases to try and rank for, and move forward with…

  1. I log in to my WordPress dashboard, start to create a new post, and straight away go to the WebTextTool plugin (right there on the same page as the post itself)… and just type in the key phrase I think I want to try and target.
  2. After typing in that key phrase into the WebTextTool plugin, I click “give me suggestions” and it runs a quick report over the rough volume that it’s being searched (low, moderate, high), the competition of that key phrase (very easy to very hard), and the overall key phrase choice based on their algorithm. So, if the key phrase has a low search volume and it’s very hard to rank, the overall report comes back with a big and bold red “VERY POOR” notification. So, if it says very poor… it even gives suggestions on what to use instead! WHAT! SO COOL!
  3. I’d then solidify the key phrase I am wanting to try and rank for, create my catchy title, and start writing.
  4. In that blog post and as you write, WebTextTool automatically keeps track of pretty much all the things you need to do to keep your blog post on point in terms of overall SEO structure. Here, think … header tags, number of overall words, number of times your key phrase appears, how quickly it appears within the text, if images are present and if they have the right alt text embedded with them, number of bold and italic tags, inbound links, bullet points… you name it. It’s AMAZING.

I could seriously just ramble on here forever about the reasons why I love WebTextTool so much, but I think that covers the basics pretty quickly.

In short, I use it. I use it every single time I blog. And I am confident when I say that I believe that WebTextTool has allowed me to have more clarity about what my blog needs to get more of that ‘green light’ from those pesky Google robots crawling my sites.

So, WebTextTool for Blogging SEO. Get it. Use it.

For the price you will find through that link on AppSumo, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable – and how valuable – it is.

Anyways! Haha, that’s where I’ll leave ya for now. You will find more details on their page right on the site, too.

Did I mention that (at the time of writing this blog post) this is a LIFETIME deal? No subscriptions for the win!!

Happy blogging with WebTextTool, everybody!


Use WebTextTool as a part of your blog SEO strategy

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