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All photographers want to save more time. But not all photographers want to spend a dime to improve their work-life balance. But for those of you who want to make more money while working less, Photo Mechanic by CameraBits has your back. And it’s definitely the tool I recommend you get to cull your photos. And no, there’s no affiliate links here. I’m just writing this to just help you get off the fence and to go buy it. Because it really is that valuable and amazing.

Personally, I used to cull my photos using only Lightroom, and boy was that a huge waste of time. And I mean absolutely and totally inefficient.

It wasn’t until I started to truly value my time more that I was searching out all the different options. And naturally, I found the Photo Mechanic software.

I started out with their free trial, I searched out for all the Photo Mechanic coupon codes and discount codes, but to no avail. Heck, everybody likes a good price, am I right?  But not to worry, I just bought it anyway. After all, time is literally the most important and most valuable thing we have. We only have one life, we are getting older every day, and we have no idea how long we have on this earth. (Okay, that was my only deep philosophical comment in this article, I swear – haha).

After I bought it, I was blown away.

Not only did I save time (which was about 30-60 minutes of saved time per culled job), but my overall workflow and systems improved in result from all of that as well.

If you’re not even sure how to use Photo Mechanic the best and simplify everything, go check out their free tutorials. It’s all right there on their YouTube channel.


In short, go get Photo Mechanic right now. And again, this isn’t an affiliate promotion.


None of these are affiliate links. Just go get it and start using it to cull your photographs in a lot better, more efficient way.

Photo Mechanic 6, An Honest Review by Kyle Goldie

Photo Mechanic 6, An Honest Review by Kyle Goldie


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