Wacom Tablet Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It | Kyle Goldie

Wacom tablet not working? As a small business owner working in multiple creative industries, there’s really not ever a day where I’m not using my Wacom tablet. But what do you do when it doesn’t want to help you be efficient with your time? This is going to be a really short post because … well… it doesn’t need to be long.

Here’s what to do when your Wacom tablet doesn’t work:

  1. First, identify that all the connections are strong and plugged in correctly. Whereas this should be obvious, I can’t tell you how many times that my Wacom tablet cord just likes to slip out of its connection port.
  2. If your Wacom tablet is still showing a light indicating is has power, you might need to update your Wacom driver. If that’s the case, go check out this page for Wacom drivers.
  3. Look on the back/underside of your Wacom tablet and identify the exact code to your specific tablet. Many of them start with the letters PTK. Enter in your tablet model number into the field area there. The screen will look something like this:
    1. Wacom Tablet Not Working, Get the New Wacom Drivers
  4. Then through that link to the Wacom drivers, and after you’ve plugged in your model number, it will give you a list of all the current Wacom tablet drivers. And here’s where it’s not super intuitive. Because I downloaded an older Wacom driver from around the time when I bought it – but my Mac 10.5 operating system wouldn’t even get the process started. I had to download the latest Wacom driver instead.
  5. Go through the installation process (downloading the free PKG file) then restarting your computer.
  6. Your computer will then reboot and the process should now be completed. Just make sure to grant access for your Wacom driver & associated Wacom tablet the right permissions when you restart.


That’s it. Pretty simple and straightforward. Now you know what to do when your Wacom tablet doesn’t work.


And in addition to that, you also now know where to find the newest Wacom drivers.

Any questions, as always – just let me know. Happy Wacom’ing.

PS, if you’re curious about what I think is the best Wacom tablet for photographers, it’s right through that link.




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